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Feb 24 2013

Christmas Photo Dump


Yep, the title says it all!  I realized a few days back I had not posted the rest of our Christmas photos!  I can not believe I deprived you all of this!  So like the title says this is a post full of Christmas photos.  I figure better late than never.  I hope you all …

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Dec 31 2012

Getting Ready for Santa


It is amazing how much the kids have grown up in a year!  Last we many of the things I wanted to do with them on Christmas even were a little harder and we had to do them for the most part.  However this year that was not case!  We had so much fun getting …

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Dec 30 2012

Eskina Family Christmas Party 2012


We of course attended this annual function with my mom’s side of the family.  This year was interesting to see how the kids interacted with all the relatives.  This function includes my great aunts and all their families.  So the kids not only saw my mom, Grandma Betty, my aunts and cousins, that they normally …

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Dec 19 2012

Preschool end of Semester


So last Friday was the last day of preschool of the semester for the kids. The kids had a blast their first semester of preschool. They got do a lot of crafts, drawings, and made ornaments for the Christmas tree.  We had to use one of Mommy’s Avon boxes to …

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Dec 16 2011

Annual Eskina Christmas Party


Every year my mom’s side of the family has a big Christmas party.  This is my Grandma and her siblings and all their kids, and their kids, and all their kids and so on.  Let’s just say one big Catholic family reunion and I think most of you get the picture.  I think I have …

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Dec 15 2011

Breakfast with Santa


The weekend of December 3rd our mothers of multiples group held their annual breakfast with Santa event.  The kids were all every excited to go and we were hoping they would all sit on Santa and Mrs. Claus’s laps without any tears this year.  Needless to say we were wrong.  Matthew was the only one …

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Feb 13 2011

NMOM Santa

They sure didn’t like sitting on Santa and Mrs Claus’ lap.