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Aug 03 2013

Raising Life Long Readers

Reading with daddy

Many of you know the importance of reading.  We can learn so much through reading, whether it is a book, magazine article, blog post, news article, or anything else with the written word.  Reading gives us the ability to go anywhere at anytime.  It can open our eyes to new worlds and new adventures.  When …

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Mar 01 2013

Zachary Reading

Zachary reading a book.



Feb 23 2013

Matthew Reading

So as I promised we have videos of each of the kids reading beginning reader books.  Here is the one of Matthew reading a level A book I brought from home.  I noticed they were whizzing through the ones from the library so I thought we would try some more.   I love how they use …

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Feb 22 2013

Elizabeth Reading


I am sure you all remember our word wall that went up just a few weeks ago.  Well it apparently started something.  We have been spelling words and asking how to spell words even more.  We went to the library last week and the kids all checked out their own books and I checked …

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Jan 31 2013

How do you spell ___?


Over the past few weeks our kids have become increasing interested in words and how they are formed.  They are continually asking how to spell words and “What does ___ spell?” Matthew can spell his name aloud without any help, which shocked both Randy and I the first time we heard him do it.  Elizabeth …

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