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Aug 06 2014

Look Out Kindergarten-Here We Come!

It is hard to believe my babies start kindergarten next week!!!  They are of course very excited and I think daddy and I are too, but I am also a little nervous and a little sad.  It feels like something is coming to an end.  They are no longer my little babies and will be …

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Jul 12 2012

Crazy Shake

The kids were dancing, flipping, and just being plain silly!


Jun 28 2012

A Day at Crown Center


This past Monday Nana and I took the crew to Crown Center to check out Kaleidoscope and The Dinosaurs Land of Fire and Ice exhibit.  We made our first stop at Kaleidoscope.  It is in conjunction with Hallmark cards and is a place full of all kinds of items for …

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May 15 2012

Singing ABC’s at Lunch Time

The kids decided to sing their ABC’s at lunch time.


Apr 04 2012

Smells like poo….

The kids were wired and crazy from eating all the candy from the Snake Saturday Parade. They love watching this movie over and over and over again. The crack up laughing when they hear mommy say, “It smells like poo in here”.

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Mar 13 2012

Practicing singing Happy Birthday

All four have been practicing singing Happy Birthday, since all of our birthdays occur right around 3 weeks apart. The


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Feb 28 2012

Practicing for the Snake Saturday judges.

The kids are practicing for Saturday when we enter them in to try and win the Little Lads and Little Lassie for the Snake Saturday parade. Elizabeth says she wants to ride in the parade, so she’s practicing on being up

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Sep 30 2011

Elizabeth being goofy, she had to keep repeating over and over again at dinner.


Aug 30 2011


Elizabeth kept going on and on for about an hour saying over and over and laughing up a storm.


Jun 14 2011

Singing the ABC’s


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