The McCleary Quadruplets

There is never a dull moment when you are raising quadruplets!

About Us

My husband and I were married October 21, 2006.  We knew from the very beginning we wanted to have children, but also knew it would be hard with me having Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  We tried on our own before we were referred to a fertility specialist.  While in his care we tried clomid with no success and then began Ovulation Induction treatments.  These are not cheap and insurance did not help.  The first two cycles did not take and it was hitting us hard both emotionally and financially.  We took a few months to focus on us and save a little money up for one more go at it.  Then we began another round in September 2008.  This time I was shocked to find out that the drugs were working too well and we had quite a few eggs growing.  The doctor cut the meds and this helped to slow down 6 of the eggs.  Four continued to grow, we were advised that if we were to continue we would most likely have multiples.  All we knew for sure was that we had not had any success with 2 or 3 eggs releasing and would not be able to afford another round for a few months.  We decided to continuing thinking we might have one take.  The first of October we were overjoyed to hear I was expecting!  My HCG level was higher than normal and was advised we were most likely expecting multiples.

About a week before our 3 year anniversary we were floored to see not 1, not 2, and not 3 heartbeats, but 4!  We were speechless.  We were overjoyed,  overwhelmed, and  even scared to what the outcome would be.  We drove to my mom’s work to tell her the news and she shared the same feelings.  When we called his mother she could not believe it (Randy tends to tell stories often).  We let it sink in and began to call close friends and family to share the news.  Everyone was so excited for us and yet knew we were in for a struggle.  It is funny how fast you begin to show with four little ones growing.  We had to share the news with coworkers and others before I would have liked to,  just due to the fact I was showing.  I was so scared to tell everyone before 3 months, because we did not know what the out come was going to be.

At the end of January I was put on bed rest at home and only made it for 2 full days.  I was admitted at 19 weeks to KU Hospital and continued to gestate there.  I had a cerclage placed because I had already began to dilate.   We were so blessed to have the staff at KU.  I was a top priority and so were our unborn children.   We were actually told at one point they were going to do a trial run on their generators for the hospital, but if there was any indication that I would deliver they would hold off the trial.  At 24 weeks they had to place another cerclage and I was allowed to travel outside my room for wheelchair rides…it seems silly but when you are on bed rest in a hospital any freedom is wonderful!

At 28 weeks the staff throw us a shower/party to celebrate the fact we had made it to the 28 week mark.  There are no words to describe how it made me feel.  The doctors and nurses there truly were miraculous.  They not only kept me going but they truly became some of our closest friends.  We owe them everything and we are eternally grateful to them for everyone they did for our family!

The following day I went for my weekly check on my cervix and the babies.  Everything was great.  After wards I began contracting.  The following days are a little foggy.  Tuesday morning Elizabeth’s sack broke and I was still contracting.  That evening it was evident that the fluid was infected.  I do not remember much, I believe I blocked it out…I was in so much pain.  I know I was found at 8:00 the next morning “pushing” (I do not know that I was I was just trying to breathe through all the pain) and was dilated to a 7 by 8:30.  Wednesday April 1, 2009 we delivered 4 beautiful babies via emergency c-section.

8:30 Elizabeth Anne 2lbs 8oz

8:31 Cameron David 2lbs 14.5oz

8:33 Matthew Jay 2lbs 10oz

8:34 Zachary Thomas 2lbs 9oz

They were sent straight to the NICU for care.  I was able to see them after I recovered from the c-section.  They were all intubated for less than 24 hours, which was unbelievable.   The care in the NICU was great.  I was there as often as I could be and sometimes even multiples times.  They were all released by 2 to 2 and 1/2 months.  Zachary was the last to come home, the day before Father’s Day.

The first year flew by way to fast.  It is amazing how fast they grow and how busy they keep you.  The first year was a roller coaster.  All the diapers, bottles, feedings, and milestones that occurred that first year were impressive to say the least!  Of course, we had a huge party when they turned one to celebrate our four little miracles.  Now we are approaching their second birthday and can barely believe it!  The general rule of thumb is that premature children catch up in development and size by two years.  Our children said heck with that and have been reaching milestones on the expected age or earlier.  We have been using the potty a couple times a day since 17 months, we are taking, singing, doing puzzles, and even in toddler beds!  We can not wait to see what they will do next!

Our life is always noisy, messy, and busy, but it is also silly, loving, and rewarding.  We would not trade it with anyone.  There is never a dull moment when your raising quadruplets.  What does our future hold?  Only God knows!

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  1. Laura Bissen

    I meant to send this to you earlier – Avon is having a baby photo contest from age birth-2 years. The kids are still eligible and you should think about entering them (submissions are being taken Mar 1st through Mar 31st 2011)! You can put me in as a rep if you want, but that’s up to you!

    Laura Bissen

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