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Apr 03 2015

6th Birthday Interview – Zachary

Last but not least…Zachary is up!


What makes you happy? When people feel my bucket.
What is your favorite color?  Red and gold
What do you sleep with in bed?  My two cats and my pooh blanket.
What is your favorite animal? Lion
What is your favorite toy? My teenage mutant ninja turtles
What is your favorite thing to eat? Cheese Pizza
What is your least favorite thing to eat? Tomatoes
What is your favorite thing to do? Play outside
What is your favorite TV show? Teen Titans Go
What is your favorite movie? Cat in the Hat
What is your favorite song? Happy
What is your favorite game? Wii U Super Mario Brothers 3D World
What is your favorite thing to do with mommy? My favorite thing to do with mommy is to go to her school and help her.
What is your favorite thing to do with daddy? Play pranks on daddy.
What is the best thing about your mom? I love her.
What is the best thing about your dad? That he is funny.
What is the best part of being a quadruplet?  Having brothers and a sister to play with.
What is your favorite subject at school? Computer Lab
Who is your teacher? Mrs. Bowser
Who are your friends? Violet, Brody, Kessler, and Marvin
What is your favorite sport? Soccer and Basketball
Who is your favorite sports team? KC Royals and KC Chiefs
What is your favorite book? The Cat in the Hat
What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a Doctor.
What are you looking forward to this year? I am excited about joining Boy Scouts.
What else would you like to tell me? My favorite superhero is the Hulk and then Superman.  I like to read lots of books, especially Dr. Seuss books. (He’s the author) I am reading at a level 20 now and still working.   I love Aunt Julie and my mom.
Zachary has done a lot of growing up this past year!  He has matured so much since he has started kindergarten.  He is our most outgoing and loves to talk about just about anything.  He is always amazing us with some new information or new skill.  Like he said he is excelling in reading.   At the last report card he was beginning to read on a second grade level!  We are having to find new ways to share information we do not want them to find out because we can no longer spell out loud.  He still takes on the role of the youngest and has melt downs here and there but we are so proud of how far he has come.  Keep it up Zachary!

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  1. Janice Tyler

    No matter what you say, but 6 years old kid is smart enough to understand about world. While reading Zachary’s interview I realized how he grow. And from interview you can tell what he likes, what skills he has and what he wants to do later (example: joining scouts). I believe that 6 years old kid’s personality is already developed and parents must help him to blossom that personality. And I got surprised that he likes to read books and it seems like he is really proud because he reads a lot. Kids like that a treasure for technology century where books are almost forgotten. I hope that Zachary will keep reading books and learn more about world. Thank you for this awesome interview.

  2. M

    Aww he is just the cutest, very cute interview ;)

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