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Aug 06 2014

Look Out Kindergarten-Here We Come!

It is hard to believe my babies start kindergarten next week!!!  They are of course very excited and I think daddy and I are too, but I am also a little nervous and a little sad.  It feels like something is coming to an end.  They are no longer my little babies and will be riding the bus to and from school, taking their lunch to school, and learning many new things.  I know this is how it is suppose to be but it still is a little sad, my kids are growing up!  It seems like yesterday I got to hold all four of them for the very first time in the NICU and then I blinked and now they are getting ready to get on the school bus for the very first time.  Plus I wonder how they will be at school.  I hope that we have given them enough support and direction that they do well, but they are only 5 and of course test their boundaries on occasion.  I hope they will make good decisions and make friends, as well as listen to the teacher.

I also begin to think about my experiences in school and although I know many of the things I endured are still several years away for them I hoped they are not bullied and singled out for any reason.  I have a feeling being the fact they are quadruplets will already single them out enough.  I pray that it is in a good way and I know that they will have each others back if it ever comes to it.  But enough of my worries because it does no good to worry about things that have not happened.  We will address things as they come and help our children cope with anything that comes their way.

As for the kids they are besides themselves that they are starting kindergarten!  We are splitting the 2 and 2, we figured this was best for our sanity and also for them.  I think that they would be fine split completely up but not sure and I know that keeping up with 2 different teachers expectations, homework assignments and schedules will be enough!  Elizabeth and Cameron will be in one class together and Matthew and Zachary will be in another class together.  We are slowly purchasing their supplies and it is already adding up, especially when you add it up times 4!   It is amazing all the supplies they need for kindergarten.

Getting ready for kindergarten

Getting ready for kindergarten

Holy Moly that is a lot!

Holy Moly that is a lot!

Three Minions and a Princess

Three Minions and a Princess

I guess it is still better than buying all those diapers and formula!

At this point we plan on sending them with their lunches and if you happen to follow me on pinterest I am sure you have seen the new lunch board and all the ideas on it.  I already have a lunch menu done for the month of August!  We thought it would be good to plan it ahead of time and then I can buy all supplies over the weekend and not have to worry about not having food to pack them each day.  We also have to send snacks with them to school each day so I have been making batches of homemade muffins…all sorts of flavors and freezing them.  My thought was that they love muffins and I can put all kinds of healthy items in the muffins…even veggies!  I think our favorite flavor to date has been the blueberry cream cheese…so delicious!  I do plan on post my recipe for the muffins soon…I even converted it to gluten free for myself!  So look forward to that post!

Needless to say there is a lot of excitement with this new school year as well as a ton of planning.  Plus I am pretty sure there will be a few tears the first day of school…mine not theirs.  I still can not get over how fast they grow up, one minute you are trying to encourage them to let go and take steps on their own and not moments later you are just begging them to hold on just a bit longer.



  1. Theresa (Capri + 3)

    This is a big milestone. How exciting! I am so impressed that you planned out lunch menus for the ENTIRE month of August! You are very organized. That inspires me for when school time comes for our four. We are still a couple of years away.

  2. Jean

    May God bless u !

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