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Mar 31 2014

5th Birthday Interview – Zachary

Our babies (well not so much babies anymore) will be five tomorrow!  Can you believe it?  I know I can not.  We had a great party this weekend with family and friends and tomorrow we are taking the kids out for their birthday dinner.  On top of all this we had kindergarten round up tonight, round 2 of 3 at their school for next year.  It has been a pretty exciting around here over that past several days.   We have one more interview to share and without further ado here it is…


Zachary Age 5

How old are you? I will be 5 tomorrow.
What makes you happy? When mommy is home and daddy is home.
What is your favorite color?  Red
What do you sleep with in bed?  My angry bird and stuffed animals
What is your favorite animal? Polar Bear
What is your favorite toy? My superman toys. 
What is your favorite thing to eat? Pizza
What is your least favorite thing to eat? onions
What is your favorite thing to do? Play angry birds
What is your favorite TV show? Paw Patrol
What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie is Turbo
What is your favorite song? Let it Go from Frozen
What is your favorite game? Angry Bird Games
What is your favorite thing to do with mommy? Read books
What is your favorite thing to do with daddy? Rough house
What is the best thing about your mom? That she makes me chocolate chip pancakes.
What is the best thing about your dad? That he grills.
What is the best part of being a quadruplet? Sharing
What is your favorite part of school? Show and tell
What is your favorite book? Superman books
What do you want to be when you grow up? Superman
What are you looking forward to this year? Kindergarten
What else would you like to tell me?  I got a water bottle at Kindergarten round up tonight.  I love to read my sight word books. 


Zachary loves to be silly, tell jokes, and be sweet all at the same time.  He still tends to have a few more melt downs than the others and does not like it when he does not get his way…but he is working on it.  He loves to try and read things on his own and surprises us daily with the words he knows how to read!

Here are our past birthday interviews…


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