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Nov 03 2013

Elizabeth and Mommy’s new Specs -Plus a Product Review

Elizabeth had her annual eye exam earlier this month and she had some changes so see needed a new script.  I had told her if she needed a different eye glass prescription we would let her pick out big girl frames.  She was not liking having to wear her old glasses and took us reminding her every morning to get them.  She had miraflex frames which were great glasses for her to start out with.  They are very bendy frames and almost impossible to break.  But also had a strap on the back to keep them on her head.  They work well for that purpose but was not always great when we were fixing her hair or trying to do a quick change.  It also kept them closer to her eyes and when she cried they would always fog up!

She picked out new pink and purple frames…of course.

Picking out her new frames

Picking out her new frames

I also had them add transition lenses this time since she is suppose to wear them all the time.  Now that the frames are in she is doing great with them!  She puts them in her case every night, asks us to clean them when they are dirty, and puts them on most days with no reminders.  Plus she looks so stinking cute!

Wearing them out and about.

Wearing them out and about.

I have not had new glasses in a few years, mainly because my prescription has not changed.  I was recently asked to check out SelectSpecs and I thought why not.  I have not had new glasses in awhile and never ordered frames off the web.  So when I had my eye exam I explained I was going to order frames online and they gave me all the numbers I needed for my prescription.  The next step was setting up an account with SelectSpecs.  Then I was able to say my prescription in my account.  This was a nice feature so I did not have to continually put it in as well as if I go back to order another pair of glasses.

I was really surprised with how reasonably priced all the frames on their site.  Once I finally settled on a frame, this took awhile there were so many great choices, I was able to place my order.  I loved the fact I was able to verify each choice I made.  This helped ensure the glasses I received would be the strength I needed.  Once I had made choices on all the features I was asked to verify one last time.

My new glasses only took about 2 weeks to arrive and I have really like them.  They are fairly light and fit pretty well.  It took a bit to adjust like any new frames would take.  The kids have even bumped them a couple of times and they are holding up great!  I have already told several friends about ordering through them because they are affordable and are good quality product!  So I now I am sharing with you!  If you need new glasses you should take a moment and check out SelectSpecs.



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