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Oct 16 2013

Every little girl needs a sparkly pair of shoes!

I am sure many of you are aware how expensive shoes are one child let alone four kiddos!  Of course priority is tennis shoes.  Then Elizabeth usually gets a black pair of dress shoes.  I love shoes and so does she.  She has not had sparkly shoes in a few years because it was just not a priority.  But boy has it been tempting!  She now has a pair of the cutest shoes I have ever seen!  Not only are they sparkly, but they are shiny and pink.  Needless to say Elizabeth absolutely adores them!


These shoes also have baubles which are cute little accessories to add a little flair or to change up your style.  Bumbums & Baubles has many to chose from and all of their shoes come with a set.  So Elizabeth’s new pink Lily Mary Jane can be worn without a bow, with a bow, with princesses or both!  That is 4 different ways to wear one pair of shoes!




As you can see these are so stinking cute!  I am hoping we can find a dress she can wear them with this holiday season.  bumbums6


The Giveaway Prize:

One winner will win a pair of Lily Mary Jane’s in the size and color they like. Please leave a comment of your thoughts about these cute little shoes and the size and color you would like if you win. Please visit the Bumbums & Baubles website to see their selection.





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  1. Chloe Matterson

    Wow those shoes are just too cute. My daughter would love to have a pair of those, especially the sparkly pink ones in size toddler 12.

  2. Donna

    My grand daughter would love these in black size 10.

  3. nicole henke

    love the bella boots too!

    wed love the lillys in pink sparkle, size girls 1

  4. renee walters

    I like them in pink size 1

  5. chris hoey

    My grand daughter would love these

  6. Kathy

    These shoes are so cute! Would love to win for my 5yr old.

  7. Kathy

    So cute! Pink, size 1 please.

  8. Sheri

    My grand daughter would love these!

  9. Rhonda Clemens

    Barrett Boot – Licorice, Size Toddler 8

  10. Shannon Baas

    I love the black but not sure what size.

  11. Darlene Carbajal

    Lily Mary Jane – Candy Apple size 12

  12. brandy g.

    I love all the cute shoes on the websites especially the boots! My daughter would love these shoes in the pink sparkle in toddler size 12.

  13. Carol

    Lily Mary Jane – Candy Apple size 6

  14. Tamar

    I like them, they are quite cute. The boots are nice too.

    I would like the licrorice mary janes but I do not know what size shoe my daughter is just yet. Will have to check if I win ;)

  15. Brandy Nelson

    These are adorable! I also love the Bella boots!

  16. Gianna

    Belle Boot – Shadow.
    Girl 4.

  17. Monique Rizzo

    They are really cute and I am in love with the Bella Boots.Thanks for the chance.

  18. allie

    The shoes are cute

  19. allie

    I like the licorice in 8

  20. Mary Agloro

    I love the bum-bums boots, esp the purple. Girl but I am not sure what size. I’ll have to ask her mama if I win. ;)

  21. sarah c.

    very cute, love that you can change the accessories! I would like to win the licorice in toddler size 10

  22. Misha Estrada

    Their shoes are adorable. I would choose the black glam Lily Mary Jane in size 9.

  23. Melissa Nagy

    I think that these products are unique and extremely functional. They have great prices and a wonderful selection. My daughter would love the Silver Sparkle Mary Jane’s in size 9.

  24. Ann Barham

    I love the bella boots.

  25. Tammy Richards

    I love them all <3 Size 7

  26. Tammy Richards

    Black size 7

  27. Rosanne

    I like that you can customize with a BFF heart

  28. Holly S.

    Love the idea. Like shoe clips but more secure. My daughter would love being able to change her shoes up!

    I’d like the Pink Sparkle in 13.

  29. Jill P

    So cute. I love them all (and the boots) My little girl would love them in any color, size 1

  30. jennifer

    My daughter would love the pink sparkle mary janes in size 2!

  31. Adrienne

    We would like these in black for size 3 (girls).

  32. heather

    love the products pink size7

  33. Jackie

    I like the barrett boot in licorice … And i just love how the shoes and accessories are interchangable.. How you can add a little personality to a shoe

  34. Dawn Monroe

    Id choose the silver sparkle, Id have to check the size but I think size 11.

  35. Ashley C

    I liked the quality of the shoes, they seem to be very well made and that they will last for awhile. I’d love the Lily Mary Jane Black Licorice in size toddler 8

  36. Heather B

    I would love the licorice in toddler 8

  37. Mary Hoffman

    Little Girls Love Shoes that are what a “Princess” would wear! These Lily Sparkle Shoes In Size 1 would fit the bill! I like the fact that you can accessorize the shoes!! The site offers lovely boots also at very reasonable prices! Thank you for the opportunity to win a pair of shoes for my grand-daughter

  38. Rebecca Peters

    I love their products, the boots are super cute.. I would choose the pink sparkle in size 10

  39. amy deeter

    the bella boots pink in size 7

  40. jennifer Lleras

    Barrett Boot – Licorice

  41. Sarah Marshall

    Bumbums shoes are so cute! I would love to see them make some in purple! If i won, I would want the Belle Boots in the Caramel color in size toddler 10.

  42. Jennifer Harriman

    The shoe accessory idea is too cute, I like all the different ones they offer. I would pick the pink sparkle ones in size 10

  43. Lara T

    I would get the Pink Sparkly Lily Mary Jane shoes in Toddler 10!

  44. Jennifer R

    I love that you can mix and match your Bumbums & Baubles for a new look on your simple and classic Bumbums shoes. I would choose the Lily Mary Jane – Silver Sparkle in toddler size 13.

  45. PJ


  46. Cristi

    My daughter would love the Belle Boot shadow with flowers.

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