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Sep 20 2013

Mommy’s New Necklace!-Stamped by Design Review and Giveaway

Who does not like jewelry?  Especially when it is personalized!  I had been admiring my friends stamped necklaces with their children’s names on them for quite some time.  I enjoy seeing the simplicity of these necklaces that show those you love in a classy way.  Randy actually set this one up with me not knowing, so when this beautiful necklace showed up it was such a wonderful surprise!  It very eloquently displays our whole family and I love wearing!  The kids enjoying looking for and finding their names on it as well.


Such a surprise to open!

Such a surprise to open!

Just beautiful

Just beautiful

All the names are visible this way.

All the names are visible this way.

It looks even better on.

It looks even better on.

I know this picture is just to funny not to share! My eyes are bugging hehe.

I know this picture is just to funny not to share! My eyes are bugging hehe.

I just love this necklace!

I just love this necklace!

Now I am sure many of you saw that we also have the opportunity to host a giveaway and have one of you, our readers, to win your very own personalized necklace created by Stamped By Design!  You could enter for yourself or even enter for a loved one and surprise them with a breathtaking personalized necklace…Christmas is just a few months away!

The Giveaway:

One winner will receive this Personalized Necklace  valued at $30, or may elect to pick any other personalized item on StampByDesign’s Etsy Store valued up to $30.





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  1. Brad

    Looks nice. Would make a nice surprise present for mama.

  2. Mary Driscoll

    awesome necklace!

  3. Kimberly Schotz

    I like their Anchor Bracelet

  4. Theresa-Capri + 3

    I love the idea of having a necklace with all of our children’s names on it. So fun!

  5. Amber

    Love this!!! I am obsessed with personalized jewelry showing off the quad’s names, I hope to win!!

  6. Jeanette Santucci

    I have seen these and they are beautiful. Would make a nice Christmas gift.

  7. Jennifer

    This would make such a great Mother’s Day gift!

  8. dana baird

    Adorable! I love the idea of having this from the 1st kid onwards and just adding names as our family grows. It looks great on you!

  9. diane


  10. glinda

    Love the blog and hope I can be fortunate enough to win the necklace gift certificate. I have a special use for it!
    Nana in Georgia

  11. stacie

    This would be a super sweet gift to give to my grand daughter.

  12. Sarah Nelson

    They are absolutely beautiful. I have been looking for a special piece just like this for my sister’s birthday. She has a daughter and just had a little baby boy in February. :) Her family is now complete.

  13. Eva Mack

    personal…worth keeping for years to come

  14. Jessica B.

    I love necklaces like these! I would really love to have one!

  15. Amber

    I love that Randy arranged this one, so sweet! I love things that are personalized with the quads names so I’d love to win.

  16. Aimee C

    Soo pretty, I love personalized things!

  17. kellye

    I love the design.

  18. Jennifer H.

    Beautiful designs. I love mommy jewelry.

  19. rod jackson

    love all their necklaces and bracelets

  20. K. Finn

    I think their products look cool. I like the family name necklace with the heart accent.

  21. Brittney House

    I love their selection and I think their prices are affordable.

  22. Misty Guye

    I love giving gifts that are personal. Personalized gifts are always the most liked gifts. :-)

  23. Janice Crespo

    The workmanship is beautiful – I would have to pick one of them out for my daughter Amy who had her son about 9 months ago :) Carter would definitely be happy to give one to Mommy :) LOL

  24. Prickly Pinecone

    I love the selection! What a great gift these items would make.

  25. susan smoaks

    i think they offer a nice selection of cute and unique items

  26. Trisha McKee

    These are such unique, awesome products and i definitely have added this to my list of must-buy-from!!

  27. Sand

    I like the Hand stamped personalized bottle opener keychain.

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