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Sep 30 2013

Ladies… We have a giveaway for you (2 Pairs of Heat Holder socks)

With fall coming and the temperature getting cooler a nice item to have around are some thermal socks. So we have teamed up with Heat Holders once again to offer 2 pairs of Ladies Heat Holder socks to one lucky winner. If you would like to read our review about this product you may view the following post. No more cold feet – Heat Holders Review & Giveaway

Our kids loved getting a pair of these and they have worn them a lot. We were all glad they had the kids favorite colors.

Heat Holders is currently running a special, order 2 pairs and get free shipping.





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  1. Eileen Deliz

    I would love the Men’s Long in Black. My husband will appreciate when we visit the family up North.

  2. Julie Bickham

    I would like the size 5-9 in deep fuchsia.

  3. Donna

    Would love to have women’s in pink.

  4. Jeanette Santucci

    Ladies 5-9 in the pink would be neat.

  5. Sarah Nelson

    I love the purple socks, but due to having peripheral neuropathy, I have to buy socks and shoes that are much bigger than my feet. The ladies wouldn’t be roomy enough for me, so I would get the men’s original in denim color. Due to nerve damage, my feet always feel frozen (inside and out), so this looks like a great product for me. I’d love to try it out.

  6. Jill Hartley

    Pink ladies

  7. Erika

    I would get charcoal in Ladies 5-9

  8. julie murphy

    black in size 8 please

  9. Mya Murphy

    Ladies raspberry 5-9.

  10. Marian Boll

    Men’s black in size10

  11. nickie

    charcol size 5 to 9

  12. Kiara

    Pink in Ladies 5-9.

  13. Shannon Baas

    denim in men’s.

  14. Barbara Montag

    I like the Charcoal color in size Ladies 5 – 9.
    Thank you.

  15. Cynthia C

    I would choose Ladies 5-9 in Charcoal

  16. Jenny M.

    light pink ladies 5-9

  17. beth shepherd

    Ladies size 5-9 in pink would be my choice

  18. Sue Ellison

    Ladies 5-9 raspberry, love the slipper socks in lavender too.

  19. Christina Sparks

    I like the Denim color size 7-12

  20. K. Finn

    I’d like the Stonewash in Men’s, 7-12.

  21. Tamar

    Ladies original in black would be mine.

  22. Carolyn G

    5-9 ladies original in black

  23. Janice Crespo

    Ladies 5-9 in purple and indigo

  24. Christine

    Ladies 5-9 in Charcoal

  25. Wehaf

    I would choose the ladies’ original socks in charcoal.

  26. Natalie yeoman

    Ladies socks in pink 5-9

  27. Melissa Nagy

    I would want size 5-9 in charcoal.

  28. Holly S.

    I would choose the 5-9 in Black.

  29. Julie W

    Men’s 7-12 in Black :)

  30. KayM

    These would be great in deep fuchsia, ladies size 5-9

  31. joseph gersch

    ladies 5-9 pink

  32. tallcapp

    Size 5-9, color charcoal.

  33. Kellie Conklin

    I would love the Men’s Original in Navy size 7-12! Thanks!

  34. Jill Myrick

    I would love to have the indigo in Ladies Sz.5-9.

  35. Laura

    I would love the Ladies Original in Black size 5 – 9

  36. Jennifer Reed

    I would ask for the Ladies size 5-9 in black.

  37. Rebecca Lock

    I want Ladies size in purple.

  38. joni

    Ladies 5-9 in black.

  39. Debra Hall

    i like the Ladies Original pink size 5-9

  40. Danielle

    Size: Ladies 5-9 Ladies ski fuchsia/purple/raspberry

  41. Samantha Daleo

    I would get the Ladies original size 9 in purple.

  42. Laura P.

    Ladies 5-9 in raspberry.

  43. Alicia

    I would like a Size: Ladies 5-9. Ladies ski in Charcoal/Fushia/Purple.

  44. Kimberly Hilbert

    My favorite one was the Ladies Ski Sock size 5-9 Purple/fushia/charcoal. My 2nd favorite was the Purple ladies sock size 5-9

  45. Jennifer Paige

    Ladies ski in size 5-9 in Raspberry/Pink/Light Pink

  46. Roxann

    I would choose ladies size 5-9 in purple.

  47. Cathy French

    ladies size 5-9 in purple

  48. Lesley Fuchs

    Light Pink size 5-9

  49. Denise S

    I like the Ladies Original in 5-9 purple.

  50. Laurie Emerson

    I like the Ladies Original in size 5-9 in Light Pink.

  51. McKim

    I would choose Ladies Original 5-9 in indigo.

  52. susan smoaks

    i would get the charcoal in Ladies 5-9

  53. Courtney Renee

    Ladies Pink 5-9

  54. Storm, the Psychotic Housewife

    I would love the ladies original in charcoal in 5-9.

  55. Jackie Koller

    Ladies 5-9 in Indigo

  56. Breanne

    Ladies Original in Raspberry

  57. Lisa P.

    I’d like charcoal, size 5-9.

  58. Nicole Millheim

    ladies size 5-9 in purple

  59. Cheryl Chervitz

    Women’s size 5-9 in purple. Thanks for the chance.

  60. Jesselyn Andersyn

    Ladies size 5-9 and I’m still trying to decide between the Charcoal, Indiga and Deep Fuchsia!


  61. Donna Kellogg

    Ladies Purple size 5-9

  62. Sarah L

    Ladies 5-9 in purple cause they make me smile.
    Thanks for the contest.

  63. debbie

    I would get deep fuschia in ladies size.

  64. Teresa D

    Definitely the purple ones in Ladies 5-9! I can wear then for football games all winter!

  65. Sherry Conrad

    Ladies 5-9 Ski Pur/Blk/Chr and Long Charcoal

  66. Teresa Thompson

    Ladies Long-purple.

  67. Francine Anchondo

    Womans Size 5-9 Purple

  68. Heather!

    I like the Ladies 5 -9 in Charcoal!

  69. Brittney House

    Ladies size 5-9 in pink

  70. Trisha McKee

    I would choose pink in Ladies’ 5 – 9

  71. Darlene Carbajal

    Size 5-9 ladies Purple.

  72. Mary Hoffman

    Oh-La-La! Raspberry Long Ones , womens!!

  73. Lynne T.

    Ladies original in size 5-9 in black.

  74. sabine b.

    Woman’s pink, size 8 (thank you!)

  75. Angela M

    I would love the ladies 5-9 in Black.

  76. Mihaela Day

    I love the Ladies Long Purple size 5-9

  77. Vikki Billings

    I would like the men’s 7-12 in Denim

  78. Myrna Kasick

    Pink size 6-11.

  79. Samantha

    women’s size 5-9 in black!

  80. laurie

    I want the ladies original size 5-9

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