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Sep 11 2013

A Quick Update on Mommy

I am sure many of you have read off and on about my right arm being in pain.  This is part of the reason my blog posts have slowed a bit.  By the time I am home from work, dinner made, and kids down to bed I take my pain meds and hit the hay as well.   After more than a year of dealing with pain, numbness, tingling, and even weakness I am having surgery on my shoulder next Thursday.  I know another surgery!  (This past December, I had my gallbladder out and it was not routine!)  We are just hoping and praying that it fixes everything and my arm is good as new.  But it does mean I will be in a sling and taking it easy for a while.  I am sure many of you are thinking the same thing I am…that it will be hard to do that with our kiddos, but I will do my best!

The goal is to be back to work the following Monday and hopefully only be in a sling for a couple of weeks.  But the surgeon made it clear if he finds more than he is anticipating then my recovery time could be extended.  I will for sure be out of it the rest of the day Thursday and possibly some of Friday.  The pre op nurse told me that shoulder surgery is pretty painful and to stay ahead of the game with the pain meds afterwards.  Thus indicating a lot of sleeping on Friday and Saturday.

The kids already try to watch my arm, but will have to be even more careful afterwards.  We have talked about mommy having a sling and that they will be trying to fix my “bad” arm.  They asked how they were going to do that and I told them just like when they took out my gallbladder.  The doctor will make a small cut on my shoulder and look inside with a camera and fix what he needs to.  This seems to be enough explanation for them and they ask if I will have to stay at the hospital.  (I was there for 4 days with my gallbladder, normally an outpatient procedure)  They are relieved when I tell them I am suppose to come home afterwards.  The truth is I am just as relieved, I would rather be at home rest than at the hospital.

Of course I am nervous, but I am hoping and praying for fix and a quick recovery.  Randy or I will update you after the surgery on how things go.


Looking on the bright side…Randy and I had a wonderful date night this past Friday!  We also took my wedding ring in this past weekend because a stone was lose.  They sent it off to be fixed so I could start wearing it again!  The best part was that we had to re-size it because of all my weight loss!  My ring size is down a whole size and a half!



  1. amber

    Oh Stephanie, So sorry about your arm/ shoulder and all the unexpecteds you’ve had recently. I hope the surgery does the trick and you are back to new ASAP!


  2. Daniela

    I’m sending good energy and vibration your way. For a quick recovery.
    Love you blog! You are gonna see me around here pretty often.


  3. Sarah

    I hope everything goes well. Good luck!

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