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Aug 09 2013

Teachers need back to school items too!

In a previous post we shared that Office Depot not only did they send some awesome supplies for the kids to try out, but they sent me some great items to try out in my classroom!  If you a teacher you know that usually we spend a lot of our own money for things in our classrooms.  Since the kids this is not something I can really afford to do.  So there have been items that I would have loved to have to help out in the classroom but just could not rationalize purchasing them.  So obviously when I opened our review box sent from Office Depot I was beyond excited to see something I have wanted for years!  It was a workmate!  (The kids were a little disappointed the “big” thing was for mommy. )


Ativa® Mobil-IT Ultimate Workmate




I have already put my new workmate to great use.  I have my school stuff and Northland Mothers of Multiples items in it as well.  It is helping me stay organized and have everything with me when I go back and forth from school to home to an NMOM meeting.  This means I can take the my work home with me in a convenient way and on wheels!  In the past I have carried it home in tubs or boxes.  I am still working on my arm, so lifting and reaching over head are still difficult for me.  This helps make it a possibility to get all my stuff home on a daily basis without carrying everywhere because it is on wheels!

Below of several pictures of all the compartments so you can see how easily it would help anyone stay fairly organized even when it is full!




My NMOM friends have lovingly nicknamed this my “Cubey”.  I love the space in the inside and all the pockets to help me keep many of my items in their own special home.  One of my favorite features is the   Locking 42″ push-button telescoping handle.  Many I have seen are so short and you can not stand straight when using them.  The height of this one enables me to still stand straight while pulling it along.  The zippers on the big compartment and and front have the ability to have locks for security, which is a nice feature as well.

I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who has to take things back and fourth from work or traveling to several places with tons of stuff.

We also received a drawer cart.  The Office Depot® Brand Medium Plastic Storage Cart, 6 Drawers.


This is perfect to help keep you organized at work or at home.  We decided to use it at home for the kids art supplies.  The have a drawer dedicated to markers, one to crayons, one to stickers, another to painting supplies, another to paper, and another to miscellaneous art items.  The top has spots to hold different items as well.   You can place a stapler, tape dispenser, paper clips, rubber bands and such without them falling off or mixing together.


Right now we just have a stapler on the top.  Not quite ready to see the kids running rubber bands.  I have never seen one that has top compartments to hold items.  This would be great for home, office, or a classroom!  Our art area has never been more organized!

I would like to thank Office Depot for allowing us the opportunity to review some pretty awesome products and I hope all of you have found the info helpful!


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