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Aug 19 2013

Sweetly Citron natural insect repellent – Review & Giveaway

We recently got to try out a bottle of Sweetly Citron natural insect repellent.  The kids love going outside to play, and usually will come in with bug bites all over. This weekend they wanted to go play in the backyard and wanted to try the bug spray. So they lined up outside holding the spray waiting their turn to be sprayed. Elizabeth liked the fact the bottle was purple and smelled really good.

After being sprayed they were off to play. Our kids do not like bugs at all and will scream when one lands on them or near them. It was only a few minutes later when Matthew was on the swing, yelling for daddy to come. When I got there he said there was bugs that wouldn’t go away. I told him, you got bug spray on so they won’t bother you. He was like, oh yeah and carried on.

After the kids were done playing outside they all came in for a drink and to cool off. We checked their arms and legs and didn’t see any bug bites and could still smell the Lavender and Citronella. So this product was a success.



Sweetly Citron is a natural, DEET-free insect repellent made with Lavender Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Vanilla Extract, Citronella Oil, and Water. Sweetly Citron can be applied directly to skin and clothes every few hours to repel mosquitos, ticks, flies, and fleas. The great-smelling lavender oil and vanilla extract even have calming effects to help reduce your anxiety!




You can purchase Sweetly Citron directly from Amazon in an 8oz bottle, or you may enter the giveaway below and win one of two bottles.



Note: We were not compensated for this review, we did receive a free bottle of Sweetly Citron insect repellent spray to review and give an honest opinion.  This post contains no affiliate links.



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  1. John

    I love the fact its an all natural and DEET free repellent.

  2. Dana Baird

    Ooh, my husband would sure love this repellent without all the nasty smell of the deet!

  3. Julie Bickham

    I like that its deet free for my lil ones.

  4. Donna

    I like the fact it is Deet free.

  5. krista grandstaff

    I LOVE that it is Deet free…I also really like that it can be applied directly to their skin OR clothing for protection :)

  6. marian boll

    I love knowing that we can sit outside and be safer due to the Citron prize

  7. Irene Cypher

    I like that it is Deet free.

  8. Jenny M.

    I like that it’s all-natural and has a pleasant scent.

  9. Connie Lee

    I like it for keeping those pesky bugs from biting.

  10. Blessed Assurance

    I like the fact that it repels insects yet the lavender calms you at the same time.

  11. Stefanie Kalitz

    I love the fact that its DEET free and actually worked for your family!!

  12. ericka coello

    my son seems to attract every single mosquito when he goes outside. this product is DEET free and I’ll be willing to try it

  13. ky2here

    Because we minimize chemicals. We make our own mildewside for our roses with essential oils. I want to measure the efficacy.

  14. Samantha L.

    DEET free is the only kind of bug spray I will buy, would love to try this.

  15. Brittney House

    I like that its deet free.

  16. Deb S

    I like that it is all natural and smells good.

  17. Lara T.

    I would really like to try a natural insect repellant.

  18. Melissa Nagy

    I like that it’s DEET free but also that it doesn’t smell like some sort of medicine. I attract A LOT of mosquitoes so I would be anxious to give this a try.

  19. Julie Goetz

    I like that it is twice size of other brands.

  20. Janice Crespo

    I love that it is all natural ingredients

  21. laurie

    I like that its all natural

  22. tallcapp

    Would like to try this to see if it will keep the bees away. Not interested in harming them, but would like to share my patio with them.

  23. Jennifer Matt

    Always on the lookout for good Deet Free bug repellants!

  24. Linda

    All natural and it works! Excellent! I have been testing tons of different ones in preparation for our trip to Costa Rica due to them having the dengue issue (mosquitos carry the virus) and have found a few that might work. Need to add this one to the list now!

    I have also heard that geranium and basil are insect repellents and worth a try, and we have been using incense to keep the insects and mosquitoes away while out in the patio or inside the house and that has worked wonders.

    Thanks for a great blog and great tip for insect repellent! :)

  25. Mark Rozer

    East Coast Locals is a leading manufacturer of natural mosquito insect repellent based on aromatherapy. It is both safe as well as effective in keeping mosquitoes away.

  26. Deanna

    Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

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