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Aug 18 2013

Strike!!!! Summer Bucket List

Over the summer we participated in the summer bowling program with AMF.  The kids were so excited about going bowling for the very first time and this definitely helped cut the cost down!  The kids were absolutely adorable in their bowling shoes and had fun keeping track of their scores.

It was pretty entertaining when they would get a strike or spare, they would do a victory dance!  When they missed a pin I would hear they mumble “aww nuts!” or “aww man!”  I about died laughing at their expressions and comments.

As you can see we did use the bumpers and then found out they had a dragon that the kids could use to release their bowling balls from.  Cameron and that dragon were hysterical!  He would shimmy it until he had it lined up and aimed where he wanted it.

I bowled one game with them until my arm could not handle it anymore.  I took a picture of their scores and it was funny that Matthew almost beat me on his very first time bowling!  The pictures are from 2 different days, one with Nana and another day Gege joined Nana and I taking the kids.  The kids absolutely loved bowling!  They wanted to keep bowling even though we were hitting lunch time and they were getting hungry.  We will definitely go some more!



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