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Aug 10 2013

New bathroom scale from Mira Brands

Recently we got a new digital bathroom scale from Mira. The kids lately have been into getting out the bathroom scale and weighing themselves. We had an a cheap digital scale from walmart that we used and the kids would always try and step on before the scale zeroed itself out. We had to tell them not to step on till it said zero and to step on the scale with you feet away from the edges. Since they would step on the sides and when they did that the scale would flip.

We received the new scale in the mail and were really shocked by build quality and features it had for the price it was being sold on It had an ultra sleek design, and sits really low to the floor so its harder to step on the side and flip the scale up. Its instant on feature is pretty sleek also, now the kids can just step on and don’t have to stop on it to get it to come on.

The kids all weigh between 32lbs and 36lbs, and can read their weight. When would tell us how much they weighed instead of coming out as 30-something, they would say 40-something. So we have started working with them to get them to pronounce their 30’s correctly.

Overall I would have to say this has to be hands down the best digital bathroom scale we have ever owned. It looks way more expensive than its actual cost, and is very light weight. The handle for carrying it or picking it up, is awesome feature that our other scales didn’t have.



Product Features

  • Instant On Technology. Step on the digital bathroom scale to instantly see your weight.
  • Large beautiful backlit display makes it easy to read. No more squinting your eyes to see the reading on the scale.
  • Bathroom scale with 400lbs/180kg Capacity for precision measurements.
  • High Accuracy Sensor helps the bathroom scale give consistent and correct readings.
  • Digital bathroom scale measure in pounds (lbs) or kilos (kgs). Uses 4 X AAA batteries. If you think in kilos, this is the scale for you.










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