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Aug 11 2013

Feeling very honored!

This past week we were featured on The Mommy Guide !  We were specifically asked to be a part of their Today’s Moms.  You might swing over there and check out our profile and some of the other Today’s Mommies.  Not only were we featured there, but we were also nominated for the Liebster Award!  I want to thank Martha for nominating us!  We are very humbled to be recognized by a fellow blogger!  If you have not had the chance to check out her blog you totally should!

I have seen a few other blogs I follow be nominated as well and so I was curious about the background on it.  So I thought I would share with you what I found out about the Liebster Award.  It is a fun way for small bloggers to give recognition to other small bloggers for the contributions they make to the blogosphere.  The numbers on how many followers varies (200-3,000)  as well as do the number of questions and nominees you are to nominate (5-11).  I am going to stick with the 11 the Martha did, but I am making no promises.  ;-)


Here are the rules: –

Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.
– Post 11 facts about yourself, answering the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.
– Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.
– Display the Liebster Award logo.
– No tag backs meaning you can’t just re nominate the person who nominated you.

The Questions I was given and my reply to each:

1) Where was your favorite place you have traveled to?
       My favorite place I have traveled thus far in my life was probably the Grand Canyon.  It was just breath taking and something about it made me feel the presence of God.  I still remember that feeling to this day.
2)  What is your favorite thing to get at your coffee shop of choice?
     Unfortunately, I have not been to a coffee shop in years and not sure what I would even order. :-(
3)  If you could turn back time…. is there something you would do differently?
      If I could turn back time I am not sure.  I begin to think of something and then think without that experience I would not be who I am or where I am in my life right now, I am very happy with who and where I am.
4) Favorite holiday and why? Has it changed since you were younger/before kids?
     My favorite holiday has and I think continues to be Christmas.  Not because of gifts, but because of the spirit of the season.  As a kid I remember the anticipation and joy.  Now as an adult I see those same things in my own children and I enjoy that even more!
5)  If you were relaxing on a hammock on a beautiful summer day, what drink is in your hand and what magazine are you reading?
   I would have a tall glass of strawberry lemonade.  As for my reading material…it would probably be Parenting or Family Circle.  I love some of the ideas you can find in them.
6)  Do you think life turned out closely how you envisioned it when you were a child?
   I think it turned out so much better!  I remember envisioning having a family and teaching, but I never could have imagined having four beautiful children at once.  I always figured 2 or 3 kids and that twins might be fun.  So I guess I kind of envisioned multiples.
7)  What do you not do anymore that you miss?
   I really miss playing my violin.  Since the kids I have not had tons of time to practice.  Plus now I have an arm or shoulder issue, which means I can not play it at all!
8)  What is your favorite food?
  My favorite food is Mexican food and since going gluten free I can still enjoy many of those dishes!
9)  What was the LAST movie you watched? Did you like it?
    The last movie I saw at the theater was Smurfs 2.  It was cute and the kids loved it.  As far as movie at home the last movie I watched was Taken 2.  It was really good, just wish I would not have fallen asleep, my meds zonked me out and I missed the ending.  :-(
10)  What is the hardest part about being a parent?
   The hardest part of being a parent…this is a tough question.  I think it varies from day to day.  Some days it would be discipline and patience and other days it is finding me time.  But I would not trade being a mom for anything!
11)  Do you know the muffin man? —–> sorry I’m getting antsy and this the best question I could think of right now!
Do I know the muffin man?  The one who lives on drury lane?  I do not and he probably does not cook with gluten free flour.  LOL

My own 11 questions:

1) Where would you like to travel that you have never been?
       I would still like to go so many places!  I would love to visit places like Hawaii, Ireland, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Paris.  I could probably name more.
2)  How did you chose your children’s names?
   Elizabeth Anne is named after my grandmother.  (First name)
  Cameron David is named after my dad and Randy’s dad. (middle name)  His first name is a name I have always loved
  Matthew Jay is named after Randy.  (both middle name the same)  We actually thought he was a girl for several weeks.  Once we found out he was a boy we decided on Matthew.
  Zachary Thomas is named after my grandfather.  (middle name)
3)  If you could have a super power what super power would it be and why?
  This might seem silly but I would love to have the ability to fly!   I could avoid traffic and have the best view in the world!  Others days I think I would like to have the ability to duplicate myself.  You know those days when you are so busy that if you could have 2 or 3 of you to help get everything done.
4) Why did you chose to be a teacher?
  I chose to be a teacher to not only educate but inspire.  I remember those few special teachers that inspired me in my life and I hope to be that for the children in my classroom.  For many of the children in my classroom I am their very first teacher!  I want to help instill a love for learning and show them that learning new things can be fun.  I want them to see that knowledge can open many doors for them!  I love my job, it may not always be easy, but it is worth all the hard work when a former student comes to visit me and tells me how much being in my classroom meant to them!
5)  Why did you start blogging?
   We started blogging to tell our story.  We initially started a family website when we were married.  When we found out we were pregnant we wanted to convert it to a blog.  I asked Randy to work on that, but things became so busy so fast we did not get the chance to start it until they were about 20 months and we happened to be snowed in the weekend we got it up and running.  We have so many family and friends out of state it just made since as a way to keep them involved with our family.  Plus it helps us to document so many of their milestones!
6) What is your favorite season?
   My favorite season is fall.  Here in Kansas City the fall season is simply beautiful.  In fact we were married in October.  The plan was for outdoor pictures but it rained so we ended up taking in door pictures.
7)  If you could relive one day of your life, not to change anything, just to experience it all over again, what day would it be?
  I have 2 days that I would love to experience all over again.  My wedding day and the day the kids were born.  Both are very important days in my life.
8)  What is the last book you read?  Did you like it?
   Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski was the last book I read.  It was a really good book that I could not put down.  There is a sequel coming out in November and I can not wait!
9)  What is something you have never done you would like to have the opportunity to do?
    I would love to go on a cruise.  Not sure where yet.
10)  What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
   Chocolate!  The best part it that it many are gluten free!!!!
11) Since having kids is there anything you used to enjoy that you do not anymore?
  I used to love all kinds of scary movies.  Since having the kids most of them scare the tar out of me.  Especially the ones with kids in them.  Many of them I refuse to even watch, before the kids I would have watched them even alone.
Here are my nominees in no particular order…
Here are my random questions. Some serious, some fun.
1) What tv show do you watch you are not likely to admit to?
2)  If you could have a super power what super power would it be and why?
3)  What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
4) What do you do to unwind?
5) Who inspires you?
7)  Where do you see yourself in ten years?
8)  What is the happiest moment of your life?  The saddest?
9)  What funny or embarrassing story does your family still share about you?
10)  If you were to write a book, what would it be about? 
11)  What was your favorite game as a child?  What is your favorite game as an adult?
Have fun answering the questions!


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  1. Sarah

    Thanks for the nomination!

  2. Rebecca @ A Beautiful Ruckus

    I had no idea you played the violin! Very cool!

    And heck yes to the duplication power. That is one that every MOM needs!

    Congrats on the nomination!

  3. Jennie

    Congrats to you and your family! It’s a great day to be a blogger. :)

  4. Theresa--Capri + 3

    It was fun to read all of the different facts about you. They say that rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck…and you were blessed with four beautiful children… : 0 ). I would love the power of duplication too so I could spend one on one time with all four of our little ones throughout the day. That would be great! Thanks for the nomination.

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