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Aug 02 2013

2013 Back to School Supply Box Giveaway by Office Depot

Who is ready for back to school?  We are now thanks to Office Depot! (Mommy included!)  We received a ton of products to review from the 2013 look book.  It can be so hard to order from online without seeing a review or others thoughts on these products.  Now you can see what we thought about some of these awesome items that you or your kiddos might need on their back to school list!  Plus there is a giveaway!  Who does not like a giveaway?

Office Depot’s 2013 Back to School line has some pretty fun and useful items for not only students but for teachers!  They sent us some of both, so our review is occurring it two parts.  One reviewing the school supplies that a student might use and one reviewing a few teacher supplies!

The school supplies we received were plentiful!  The kids have already picked their favorites!  Some choices were based on colors and others based on the theme.  (animal print, glitter, peace, and hearts)



These folders have the 3 holes for a binder and 2 inside pockets.  They are great to help you keep organized and pretty stylish as well.  Our kids decided to save ours for Kindergarten.

I decided it would be fun to take pictures of the different prints.  My favorite would have to be the glitter items.  Randy would probably tell you that it matches my sparkling personality.

Glitter Theme

Glitter Theme

Peace Sign Theme

Peace Sign Theme

Animal Print Theme

Animal Print Theme

Heart Foil Theme

Heart Foil Theme

We received and tried out many school supplies.



inside of the binder

inside of the binder

supplies and storage tub

supplies and storage tub

School supplies

School supplies

Most of this is self explanatory, but any guess on what the long blue thing and orange and black stripe thing? Give up?  Well they are rope erasers!  I have never seen these before, but beyond brilliant.  It would take you a long time to wear these erasers out.  The calculator looks like a game controller, how fun!

pencil bags

pencil bags

I love how so much of the stuff coordinates and is kid friendly!


As a teacher I have seen tons of all kinds of crayon and some are better than others!  So I had our children try out the crayons and the color pencils to test how they would fair.  office_depot49







Cameron drew a green face.  I am not sure what happen to either his or Elizabeth eyes in these to close up photos.  lol


This is a self portrait of Elizabeth with a flower dress on and pigtails.  I was pretty impressed with how well all the colors showed up.  Plus as you can see in the pictures below they have fun names for some of the colors!  Of course there is red, blue, yellow, and green.  I loved the fact they had a color called peanut butter and another called hot tamale.  I would totally buy these for the kids!






 Of course, by now you are wondering about the giveaway.  Well I promise not to keep you waiting any longer.  Office Depot is hosting a giveaway for not one but TWO WINNERS!  You have a chance to win a school supply box full of school supplies to start your child’s school year off right!

Giveaway Prize Includes all of the following for retail value of over $65.00

  • Animal Print Folders
  • Animal Print Personal Notebooks
  • Animal Print Comp. Books
  • Glitter Notebooks
  • Printed Scissors
  • Printed Ruler
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Pencil Pal
  • Pencils
  • Scholastic Crayons
  • Scholastic Colored Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Animal Calculator
  • Scholastic Glue Sticks




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  1. Julie Bickham

    I like how affordable they are.

  2. Donna

    I liked the glitter products, they look neat!

  3. Dave

    I like they are kid friendly. They have cool colors.

  4. Megan Kennedy

    The school supplies look like they are durable too which is great. I know some crayons have the tendency to break if pushed on too hard. What a great give-a-way :)

  5. Giuliana Stier

    I can always find what i need and the prices are great!

  6. Jeanette Santucci

    This would be a cool surprise to give my niece. Love the names of the crayons.

  7. Edie S

    I like that they have everything I need in one convenient place.

  8. Johanna

    Great material fir the new school year!

  9. meme

    I like that they have a wide selection of school supplies that my kids like and can use at a price I like

  10. April Zimmerman

    Love the creative names on the crayons! April

  11. Jennifer

    I like the wide range of designs and styles they offer. It makes it fun for kids to pick out their school supplies!

  12. Ann Fantom

    I like that I can get everything on my daughter’s back to school shopping list in one trip at Office Depot.

  13. Katherine

    I love the variety of the prints and the colors

  14. niki

    My kids will love them!

  15. julie murphy

    I like their variety of computer paper

  16. Olivia

    I love the variety that they have

  17. marian boll

    For my granddaughters, it would have to be the glitter theme

  18. Laurie Kelly

    I love their selection and their prices! :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. rich morris

    i know i can get everything they need for a great price

  20. April Brenay

    I can find everything my son will need in one shopping trip!

  21. Jenny M.

    I love the colors and the coordination, lots of choices for the kids.

  22. Thomas Bellamy

    I like the look of them.

  23. Deb S

    I like that I can get a good deal on them with the back to school sales.

  24. Tamar

    I like the quality.

    btw you have a Feedburner subscription but when someone clicks, it says “this feed does not have subscriptions via email enabled” – I think I did subscribe once though in the past.

  25. Irene Cypher

    I like all the choices and that you can get everything in one place.

  26. Carolyn G

    I love that there are so many items to choose from

  27. Marsha Brogden

    I like how much of a variety Office Depot has! It always has everything anyone could need as great prices.

  28. Kayla C

    I love shopping for back to school supplies! It makes me feel so much more organized.

  29. Frances

    They have all the school supplies I need for my nephew.

  30. Frances

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  31. carol bondell

    I like all the nice colors of their supplies and you could find everything that you need

  32. cristal prather

    Office depot has the best looking supplies for this school year. I love Office Depot school supplies cause the kids adore them. Cristal Prather

  33. HilLesha

    They have a vast selection and budget-friendly prices. :)

  34. Stephanie Larison

    I love that they have all the back to school needs at one store.

  35. Bianca matthews

    I think who every came up with idea is sexy and mabey their a life saver

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    I love the variety of prints, the colors, and the prices. Thank you Office Depot!!!

  37. guadalupe abrica

    guadalupe abrica cant wait for the deals for back to school

  38. Monique Rizzo

    I like their super great weekly deals like 1cent glue sticks.
    Thanks for the chance.

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    I like Office Depot’s selection. They have a much larger variety of each supply than the big chains have.

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    I like the price and selection.

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    hello can i get the box please i needed im a single mother

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    I could really use this!! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I like their deals and their so many options and great variety!

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    office depot has great quality supplies at a great could find anything there! its one of the needy styles around.i love shopping there and the quality is great

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    I like the different colors and designs of the back to school supplies so they would be easy for my kids to recognize as their own.

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    I like how many choices they have and they have everything I need too!

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    I like the variety of colors and patterns available

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    I love their products with an animal print theme.

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    I like that they have 1 cent deals when you spend x amount.

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    It’s not so stressful going in the store to shop compared to wal-mart or Target.

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