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Jul 03 2013

Sprinkler Fun

Awhile back I asked where the warmer weather had gone.  Well it is definitely back!  The kids are enjoying their time with their new sprinkler.  We still have not had a chance to hit the pool just yet.  The consistent warmer days did not hit till once I started my two week run of teaching summer school.  But that will change after this week!

It is sad that we bought this sprinkler way back in May and were not able to use it for over a month!  The waiting was sure worth the wait.  The kids loved this new sprinkler.  They had so much fun running through, filling up cups, and soaking mommy and daddy.  Randy thought it was funny to bend the hose so the water would stop and tell them it was broken.  He asked them to go up to see if they could fix it and the minute they were all right up on it he let the hose go.  All you hear is four screams followed by giggles.








Cameron even found a four leaf clover!  He was so excited he came up the deck to show me.  They had been looking through the yard off and on for a few months now to find one and he was beyond himself to have found one.  sprinklerfun8

As an adult sometimes you forget how the simplest things can bring you the purest joy. Our kids remind me daily to enjoy the little things in life. To see the world through a child’s eyes would be seeing how things truly would be. Their curiosity, excitement, and love for life should teach us all a little something!


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