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Jul 22 2013

No more cold feet – Heat Holders Review & Giveaway

Do your feet get cold? Does your wife or kids complain about their feet getting cold? If so have you heard about Heat Holder Socks? All of the kids lately have been complaining about being cold and wanting to wear socks to bed since we have the air conditioner on. We recently received 6 pairs of socks to try out, once for everyone. They even had the kids favorite colors so no complaining there.


Elizabeth so so excited they had Pink, Cameron loved the Green, Matthew got his blue ones, and Zachary was super excited about his red ones. They all loved putting them on and pulling them up to their knees and running around. They said they were nice and fuzzy on the inside.  So me and Stephanie tried ours on and they were nice and cozy. I thought my feet would get all hot in them since its in the middle of summer right now, but they didn’t get hot for the time I wore them. They actually felt pretty soft and cozy. I think these will definitely be a great hit come this winter.

The kids love them so much, they went to bed wearing them and woke up the next morning still wearing them. The have now worn them to bed a few nights, it was funny watching Cameron get up and go potty in the middle of the night he as he walked down the hallway back to bed he was pulling them back up past his knees and holding them up as went and got back into bed.



Now on to the giveaway, we have been given the opportunity to give away 2 pairs of heat holder socks to one lucky winner, valued at $15.99/pair. To enter the give away fill out the giveaway tools form below and be sure to tell us what size/color you want in the comments below.





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  1. Donna

    One red and one pink, both in women’s original.

  2. Sarah Nelson

    I’d love to try these since I have nerve damage in my feet and they are always frozen. If I won, I’d like the men’s original in denim since the women’s are a little too small for me (I need loose socks).

  3. Linda Bradshaw

    Men’s Long size 7-12 black.

  4. Elayna S.

    [Ladies Original] in [Pink] and [Black].

  5. gregg deering

    I would like the mens/long/black for my brother who lives in northern Minnesota.

  6. marian boll

    Men’s long to fit 13 shoe, in black plz

  7. julie murphy

    the black women’s original in 5-9

  8. Pam

    Oh , my feet would be sooo warm. I like the black and the pink.

  9. Julie Bickham

    Men’s Original size 7-12 in black, These would be great for my husband.

  10. rhonda

    Ladies size 5-9 in black

  11. Deb Anderson

    Boy, I need these!! My feet freeze year round. I’d like Ladies 5-9 in charcoal please!

  12. Stephanie Grant

    I would like to have the Ladies Ski size 5-9 in Chr/Fuchsia/Pur

  13. krista grandstaff

    I like the ladies original in raspberry :)

  14. Cynthia C

    I would choose Ladies Original in charcoal and raspberry Size: Ladies 5-9

  15. dan williams

    mens 12 black

  16. Pamela

    I want them in childrns sizes because they are going to a local shelter for women and kids thanks

  17. Gianna

    Men’s Long in black, L.

  18. Cathy French

    size ladies color pink

  19. meme

    I would like the Men’s long in Denim

  20. michele l

    i would like purple ladys size 5-9

  21. Anne Gee

    I love tall socks! I’d choose Ladies Pink, size 5-9!

  22. Amber J

    The Ladies 5-9 Raspberry,. I work in a cooler/freezer where it’s -15 to 20 degrees all night!!! I need these.

  23. Christy

    Ladies original 5-9 in Raspberry

  24. Jennifer R.

    I would choose the ladies size 5-9 in the deep fuchsia.

  25. Sandra Lee Allen

    I could not live without my heat holder socks. I wear mine year around. Even in the summer !

  26. Tracy

    Mens Org – Black – 9

  27. April Gilbertson

    Ladies original, Purple and Indigo!

  28. Christine

    black women’s original in 5-9

  29. Jeanette Santucci

    Ladies 10… pink/purple/blue… need me some warm feet with being in the hospital all the time.

  30. shelby mccutchan

    pink ladies 5-9

  31. Eileen Burke

    I would love the ladies in pink size 5-9

  32. Jill Myrick

    I would love to have the Ladies Original in Raspberry and Indigo.

  33. Roxann

    I would choose Ladies Original size 5-9 in Purple and Black.

  34. Lynne T.

    Ladies size 5-9 in light pink.

  35. Rebecca @ A Beautiful Ruckus

    I would choose Pink and Purple in women’s size 5-9. Thanks!

  36. Mary Hoffman

    The Ladies Original in Purple & Indigo Please largest size you have! I wear an 11 shoe!

  37. lilshuga2001

    Orginal pink black or purple :)

  38. liz l

    Children’s Older in deep fuchsia

  39. laurie

    ladies slippers in lavender

  40. Melissa Nagy

    Ladies Original in Black is my favorite.

  41. Laurie Emerson

    I like the Ladies Original in Pink.

  1. Gaye McGill

    Ladies 5-9, 1 pink, 1 raspberry

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