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Jul 23 2013

KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer Review & Giveaway

Do your kids always come up and ask you what the temperature is outside? So they know what to wear, or do your kids just get dressed anyway and you have to send them back to their room to change clothes because its too hot or too cold for what they had picked out? If so then this item is definitely for you.

KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer

KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer

A few weeks ago we received a KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer to review with our kids. Its a simple outdoor thermometer that is made to mount outside to a window or glass door, somewhere were the kids can go to and see it and decide what to wear if they are going outside. We have a sliding glass door leading to a deck in the backyard and decided to mount it on there.  The thermometer is color coded with pictures of the types of clothes one should wear based on the temperature.

After it was mounted we called the kids over to take a look at it and asked them to look at it and tell us what they are suppose to wear if they were going to go outside. At first they just started rattling things off that wasn’t close to the temperature, so we had to show them how to read the temperature. It was about 93 degrees outside so they were saying they needed to wear tank tops, shorts, sunglasses and 4 pairs of sandals (LOL).  Early the next morning I heard the kids getting up and running towards the thermometer and talking about what they needed to wear that day, it was quite hysterical.

Anyone who knows us or our kids, knows we have 4 curious 4 year-olds… and that means answering the same questions over and over, because they each have to ask the same question even know they just heard the answer. And of course if they ask Daddy the question first then they have to ask mommy the same question, because only mommy knows the right answers according to them. lol  Having this nice handy little gadget has helped answering one question over and over. Now when they ask we point and say go check the temperature.

Three lucky winners will get to receive one of these cool thermometers, just enter the giveaway below. If you can’t wait or would like to purchase your own you may visit and purchase one right away.





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  1. Jennifer S

    This would be so useful for my boys..

  2. Kelly Sangree

    My 8 y.o. is always getting dressed based on how he feels in the heat or AC, and I always have to tell him to change. This might really help.

  3. Shannon F

    As a homeschooling mom, I love this! I’m always looking for ways to illustrate for my kids the way things work around them and I think would be perfect when talking about the weather! My kids hear me ask my husband about the temperature outside all the time so sometimes they do too! lol

  4. Carol Headford

    This is a perfect way for the younger kids to learn about the temperature and what to wear.

  5. Stephanie Grant

    I love this idea, if I don’t win this giveaway I’m going to have to buy one because I think it gives an independence for the kiddo to choose what to wear based on the temperature. My son is always asking if it’s to cold for shorts or too hot for pants and this would help him determine that all by himself!

  6. April Brenay

    I love this! living in WA we only get a couple months a year you don’t need a jacket, love this idea for my kids

  7. Allan

    Our 4 year old doesn’t ask, but she might if we won this!

  8. Tamar

    I think it’s pretty cool. My kids don’t know about it right now but I think this will definitely cause them to be attentive to it!

  9. Kyna

    This is so neat! My daughter is into the weather and the temperature. It would be awesome to have this so she could plan on what to wear before going out. Good toddler lessons!

  10. chris

    My Kids would love this… they wouldn’t have to come and ask me anymore.

  11. Robin Wilson

    This would be for my great-niece! She loves to go outside and this would be a great teaching aid. She doesn’t ask the temp but she does ask how “hot is it?”

  12. Gianna

    I like it.. It would make learning the temp fun.

  13. meme

    I love this my kids are always asking how cold or hot it is outside

  14. Denise S

    I think it would be a great educational tool.

  15. Cheshire Cat

    He doesn’t ask me yet but this will be good this winter when he does!

  16. Reuben's Granny

    I like that it gives a visual prompt of how to dress. This would be great start for my grandson on to learn about the weather.

  17. Jennifer R.

    My daughter asks me all the time what the temperature is outside to determine her outfits. This thermometer from Kidknows is awesome.

  18. Eileen Burke

    I love it! My kids are always asking me what the temp is outside!

  19. April Brenay

    my son loves to find out the weather, he would love this for when he gets ready for school

  20. jacqueline

    they ask all the time!

  21. Kelly H.

    My daughter doesn’t ask me yet but I think this is a great idea for when she’s a little older.

  22. Katie Seymour

    Never mind the kids…looks great for me (I’m 60 with not so good vision)

  23. Nicole D.

    I think its very cute and educational!

  24. Francine Anchondo

    It looks cute and yes my daughter likes to ask for the temp

  25. Donna

    This would be a very useful teaching tool.

  26. liz l

    this would help my sis in law, her daughter is always asking about the temp!

  27. laurie

    I really don’t think they think about the temps but would be a good teaching tool

  28. Melissa Nagy

    I think this is a great idea. My kids always ask what the temperature is or is going to be but then have no real idea what that means with regard to how to dress.

  29. Laurie Emerson

    I think this is such great idea! My 4 year old is always asking what the temperature is outside. She can read the numbers but can’t quite figure out yet just what they mean.

  30. Charlene Kuser

    I think the KidKnows Outdoor Thermometer is a great idea.It gives kids responsibility for their own welfare. We
    are always guessing what the temperature is and it would be nice to know.

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