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Jul 31 2013

How to make Homemade Bubbles!


Here is another one of my great hands on activities with the kids that I thought you all might be interested in trying at home with your own children!

Who does not love bubbles?!  I am pretty sure most adults still find some joy in bubbles.   Whether it brings back the sweet thoughts of your care free childhood or just relaxing watching a bubble float off to the heavens, bubbles are a easy and fun way to make memories with your own children.  What better way to make a special memory than trying to make your own bubble solution!

If you do a search online you will find tons of recipes.  I have made a few and found that this ratio works the best for me.

How to make Homemade Bubbles!
Prep time
5 mins
Total time
5 mins
Homemade Bubble Solution
Recipe type: Craft
Serves: 0
  • ½ cup Joy Liquid Dish Soap
  • 2 Cups of Water
  • 3 Tablespoons of Glycerin
  1. Measure out all ingredients and mix them into a large container. It smells wonderful and makes some great bubbles.

FYI – I found the glycerin in the pharmacy section by the first aid, next to the sweet oil and such.  It took me awhile to find it.

We had a ton of fun making ours and blowing bubbles!




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