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Jul 09 2013

Helping Daddy Mow

One evening we were outside playing in the sprinkler in a section I mowed earlier in the day.  Randy was using the rider to mow the rest.  The kids were beyond themselves when daddy took them for rides one at a time on his rider.  They even drove for part of their time on the mower.  They had tracks everywhere, going every which way!  Which instantly made me imagine what it will be like in 12 years when they are all driving.  Lets just say it is not something I am looking forward to!

The kids had a lot of fun playing in the water and helping mow the grass.  I think my favorite part was when Zachary got the kid mower out and followed the rider around everywhere.  He did a lot walking, we have a pretty big backyard!

Water play!

Water play!

Matthew's Turn!

Matthew’s Turn!

Zachary Turns

Zachary’s Turn!


Elizabeth's Turn

Elizabeth’s Turn!

Cameron's Turn

Cameron’s Turn!

Zachary following the rider.

Zachary following the rider.

It was a fun evening!


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