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Jul 14 2013

Elizabeth’s Amazing Capes and Giveaway

We were asked to check out Amazing Capes and thought since we have four superheros this one was right up our alley!  The boys already have tons of capes and of course only want ones related to their favorite superhero.  Elizabeth was beside herself when we found that there was a bright pink cape and it was actually named the Elizabeth!  Each cape sold benefits a great cause!  The Elizabeth happens to benefit Breast Cancer.  A cause that is near to our families hearts.

When the cape actually arrived it was beautifully yet at the same time simply wrapped.  There was even a personal note enclosed for our family.







I was very impressed with the cape from the get go.  It is so soft and smooth to the touch.  I love how satin feels.  Apparently Elizabeth does too!  She talked about how soft if was and she wanted to sleep with it.  She of course loved that it had her name and was pink!  In true superhero form I find her wearing it several times a day.

Elizabeth in The Elizabeth

Elizabeth in The Elizabeth

Elizabeth in The Elizabeth

Elizabeth in The Elizabeth

If you are looking for a way to share your inner superhero I would definitely check out Amazing Capes!

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  1. Laura B

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway! My son loves capes and costumes, so I just knew that i had to enter this :)
    My favorite is the Elizabeth, because I like pink, lol….but since the cape would, technically, be for my son I know he would go crazy for the Admiral.

  2. Donna

    I love the Houdini. Anyone of my grandsons will love it too.

  3. Kate

    The Carolina Blue…pretty, but could work for a boy too!

  4. Megan Kennedy

    This is so cute! i think capes can be girly too :)

  5. Amy Miller

    How cute… I’d like to have the Elizabeth also for my daughter.

  6. marian boll

    The Elizabeth for my great granddaughter

  7. Sarah

    All of my little superheros would love one of these capes.

  8. Wendy Owen

    The Elizabeth because it’s pink! My grand daughter would love it

  9. Shannon Baas

    houdini as the kids love magic.

  10. Rachel @ Wife, Then Mama

    Loving the Carolina Blue :)

  11. Tari Lawson

    I like the Carolina Blue because it reminds me of Cinderella.

  12. Tarah

    The Carson – my son would love it because it’s green

  13. casey

    the carson because it reminds me of Lord of the Rings elves

  14. Amy Martin

    Is it bad that *I* want to wear it?

  15. Barbara Platt

    The Elizabeth because it’s for my granddaughter and her fav color is pink

  16. Shannon F

    I love the Elizabeth. It’s the one that just seems like it was made for my daughter. Such a beautiful pink! She would love it.

  17. McKim

    I like the Houdini. I think my grandson would like the stars on it.

  18. Micheal

    I want the Houdini, I think this would be perfect for my son.

  19. Stephanie Larison

    I like The Houdini, my daughter is into magic right now so she’d love it.

  20. Nikki Lynn Hanna

    I think my daughter would love the The Elizabeth

  21. becky hammons

    Nobile Rainbow I love the colors

  22. Melissa Nagy

    I love the Houdini. My kids love to play magic show.

  23. Sandra Marra

    The Rowling for my granddaughter because it’s magical!

  24. Sandy Cain

    The Magellan, because my granddaughter’s fav colour is yellow.

  25. Stephanie Grant

    I really like The Carson because its green and my son’s favorite color :)

  26. kelsey ruha

    The elizabeth for my daughters

  27. Paula Hafner

    I think my son would love The Carson. He might also like Super Mandela.

  28. Shannon Thomas

    I like the Carolina Blue – perfect for my niece or nephew!

  29. Kyna

    This cape is adorable!! Gracie would love the Elizabeth as she is into pink and anything that is royalty looking or superhero looking. I love that the Elizabeth is for Breast Cancer funds. Anything that supports cancer research is dear to my heart. I will definitely be bookmarking this website as a possible gift site!

  30. Jennifer M.

    The Admiral cape because I love the color and that it supports Oceana.

  31. Cintia Scanlan

    I hope I can get it for my son…

  32. Gianna

    The Houdini.. it would be perfect for my little houdini :)

  33. Deb S

    I like the Houdini because it would be perfect for Skylar.

  34. Laurie Emerson

    I love the Houdini as my son loves to show us all the tricks he has learned.

  35. Cheshire Cat

    I like The Admiral,It would be perfect for my son!

  36. Teresa Thompson

    Noble Rainbow-Purple is my granddaughters favorite color.

  37. Taleah

    I love The Carson. My son loves the outdoors, and looks wonderful in both brown and green!

  38. Sonya

    I love the Houdini! My kids are currently obsessed with magic so this would be perfect!

  39. liz l

    Noble Rainbow– niece loves rainbows!

  40. Vikki Billings

    I would choose the admiral.

  41. Rosey

    I like the Houdini Cape because it would be good for magic shows.

  42. meme

    The Houdini cape because my 7 year loves to try and do magic tricks and she always says she is Houdini

  43. Karen T Gonyea

    The Houdini because we love magic :)

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