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Jun 07 2013

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review & Giveaway (10 Winners)

We have another exciting product from Wondershare to share our review and give away 10 Lifetime register codes for the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. This software lets you convert from just about any format to about 158 different formats. As you all know we have created lots of videos the past 4 years and a few years back we bought a Sony HD Camcorder which excellent video in HD. The camcorder hooks up nicely with our Sony flat panel TV, which the kids love to watch themselves on the TV. But there are times we want to upload some of these videos to youtube to share with friends and family. The format that the Sony Camcorder records in is M2TS, which we can’t upload that format to youtube. We have to always convert it with the Sony Software which only converts it to wmv or mpg4, neither are in HD so they don’t look as great.

So when we got the chance to try this out, we were excited because it said it converts videos 30X faster than other converters. After I got it installed and tried it out on a few videos, it did convert them so much faster and I didn’t have to convert them down to SD. So this has definitely saved sometime getting the videos converted and uploaded to youtube in HD. The only major drawback on the converter which I don’t like, is that the max frames per second is 30fps. So some of our videos that fast movements show up choppy in the converted video. I wish the software could do at least 60 fps, just like our Sony HD Camecorder which can handle 60 fps up to 240 fps. I have tried out other video converters and all but one had this same limitation, but hands down this software has much easier and converted videos much quicker.

The other cool feature in this software is there is a video downloader. That you can enter enter a youtube link or URL link that has a video on the page and it will download it in the original format, or you can have it converted to whatever format you want it in. I tried downloading a few videos from youtube and it worked awesome.


Video Converter Interface


Video download window

Below is one of the movies we converted and uploaded to youtube.




Wondershare is offering 10 Free Lifetime register codes for the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate which retails for $59.99.

To enter the giveaway input your Name and Email Address in the Giveaway Tools widget below and click the begin link. Next just complete as many of the Entries as you wish for your chance to win.

For those who do not win and would like to buy this software, Wondershare is offering a 50 percent off discount code link. Just click this link to take advantage of the special 50% OFF Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software.





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    I will probably utilize this for my future classroom lessons.

  2. Les Williams


  3. John Peart

    Love to convert old 8mm cassettes

  4. John

    Hey can I make a recommendation for your next wondershare product review? I would really like to see you do a product review on the Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

  5. Jaime Brown

    This would be great for my sister in law, I have given her my girls Disney vidio tapes , there were about fifty or so, so it would be great if I could put them on discs for her little ones, thank you:)

  6. Jayne

    This software sounds really helpful! My bro in law is doing some media related thing. He might like this a lot.

  7. Elaine Buonsante

    My great granddaughter was just born and joined my other six grandchildren! I look forward to taking many movies and photos and this Video Converter would really be great!

  8. Heather Swarthout

    This would be awesome to win. My husband just started doing creative things with videos that I have taken of his paintball team, so he would love this!

  9. Amy Henderson

    This would be help me get my new blog off and running.

  10. Bev R

    Converting from the old to new formats will be great.

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