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Jun 24 2013

Fire Station Tour

Recently our mothers of multiple group went to the fire station in North Kansas City (Where I grew up!).  The kids were beside themselves that they got to see a fire truck up close.  We started our tour by the trucks and the excitement was already exuding from all the children.  We followed our firefighter through the fire station and saw where they eat, relax, and exercise.  The kids loved the tv room and the workout room.  We were also visited by the station mascot who did a few chin ups to show off his strength.









We then watched a few firefighters slide down the pole.  (What tour would be complete without seeing a firefighter slide down the pole!)  We then found out about all the different trucks and when and why they each is used.  The kids loved walking through the ambulance.  We saw many tools, hoses, gauges, and compartments that were explained to us, but of course I do not remember all of them.  We ended our tour with a group photo!  There were a ton of kids.









They all received their very own fire helmet and bag full of activities and fun stuff.  You can see all four of ours if you look closely!   Overall the day was a success!  It was a little warm, but it was still fun to see the kids eyes light up when they were able to see everything up close and personal!

I remembered that this was the same fire department that we took pictures with when the kids were itty bitty.  So I found the picture and asked our tour guide if he know these firefighters in the picture.  He laughed and said he was good buddies with all of them and really wanted a copy of the picture.  So I thought it would be fun to share it here as well.

Fall 2009 Fire Fighter Picture

We thought it was a fun photo.


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