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May 01 2013

Mommy’s Birthday Present a Nexus 7 with a Bluetooth Keyboard

For my birthday this year they kids and Randy bought me a tablet!  I was really excited about this and has become handy since the kids can use it and are now using my laptop for computer time.  (More on that to come later!)  It came a week early and the kids were so excited about giving it to me they gave it to me that night. I should have known it had more to do with the fact they wanted to play with it, than they wanted me to have it. lol


They did not want to pose for a picture. :(

They also gave me a gift card for the app store.  I received a Nexus 7 tablet and really have loved it.  Randy also got me a Nexus 7 Bluetooth keyboard to go with it and it happens to double as cover.

IMG_20130429_134823 (2)

I absolutely love the fact that I close it up and it covers the  screen and fits perfectly.  It has the same cover as the tablet so it looks like it came with it.   I definitely like having the choice to use the keyboard instead of swiping my comments on Facebook. ;)  It fits nicely into a notch to allow it to sit up right when utilizing the keyboard and the tablet.  It uses the universal charging plug that my tablet and my phone use, so don’t have to have any extra charging cables.  I have been using it for a few weeks now and I have not even had to charge it once, since after the first charge when I received it.  So it has excellent battery live. Its suppose to have a standby time of 60 days, and so far it has lived up to that.

I hear questions all the time about what I am using and everyone thinks it is a pretty cool little tool.  The keys are a little small, but I have had no problems.

The other cool thing about this Bluetooth keyboard is the special function keys that act as a short cut to the volume control, music control, a back to home screen button.

One of my first thoughts was that since the Nexus 7 is a touch screen, I thought my fingers might bump the screen when typing and mess up my cursor position or accidentally click a link or button. When I actually started using it, that wasn’t the case. It has a 60 degree angle which was a perfect angle to allow me to type and see the screen without bumping it with my fingers.  It has definitely improved and helped me write e-mails more efficiently and with less time, and spend more time chasing after 4 four year olds.


bluetooth-keyboard bluetooth-keyboard-and-case-for-google-nexus-7






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  1. Capri + 3--Theresa

    Happy belated birthday. Congrats on your new tablet. I love the cute picture!

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