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May 24 2013

Kids Singing, “Scream and Shout” (radio version) by and Britney Spears


The kids wanted to make a video for mommy while she was at her preschool graduation. So of course Zachary wanted to sing his favorite song “Scream and Shout” (radio version), by and Britney Spears.  So I told them after they ate dinner and picked up all their toys we could make a movie and then watch it back on the big TV. They love watching themselves on TV, they just go nuts watch themselves.

The kids really picked up the song when it was on the radio all the time while driving back and fourth from preschool with Daddy. Zachary has really picked up the lyrics pretty good. I took him to Price Chopper the other day before the storm was going to hit us, since he was the only one awake from nap. And all the way through Price Chopper he was singing that song, and had everyone looking at us. Just as the song goes, “All Eyes on us…” He wanted everyone looking at us, it was quite funny. He has such a loud voice, the moment we walked outside of Price Chopper he had to sing even louder. Because now he could use his outside voice, lol.

Hope you enjoy their show they put on for Mommy.




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  1. Amber

    Cute movie!!!

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