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Apr 10 2013

The Fab Four Superhero Party

This past weekend we celebrated the kids birthday with a superhero theme.  They absolutely love superheros and they are all superheros in my book so it seemed very fitting!

The superhero theme was evident in every aspect of the party, from the invites to the decor and games.

Here is the invite I sent out.  Of course I blacked out contact info since this is the web. ;)


The art teacher next door to me a school painted the superhero back drop for the occasion.  mccleary_b_day_party13

I also created a few city buildings for the event.


Party favors were capes that were made by my mom, friend Andrea, and I helped a bit.  They also made masks that they took home as well.  mccleary_b_day_party10


They had to come up with their own superhero name and their super power.  I helped by providing words they could draw for or just come up with their own.  mccleary_b_day_party8

Everyone tested their super human strength…

Wonder Woman aka Elizabeth

Wonder Woman aka Elizabeth

Batman aka Cameron

Batman aka Cameron

Spiderman aka Matthew

Spiderman aka Matthew

Superman aka Superman

Superman aka Superman

Next we jumped over a building in a single bound!




Of course what superhero academy would be complete without defeating evil villains.  Some of my youth helpers on Wednesday nights came all dressed in black and were evil ninjas.  (They just happen to be triplets)  mccleary_b_day_party42




Green Lantern aka Daddy

Green Lantern aka Daddy

We had several super friends come to help save the day and were very surprised to have Cynthia Newsome from Channel 41 here in Kansas City show up to cover the party.  She interviewed Randy and I as well as the kids.  She stayed for many of the activities and caught the kids in action.  The party was a total success.  We did have MIA superhero.  Poor Ben was in the elevator and it took us a bit to find him…we were all looking.  Mom wrote about it over on OMG There’s is Three.  I know how much my heart was racing, I can only imagine hers stopped!

Of course no party is complete without cake, singing, and presents.  Of course our superheros had to keep with the theme and we had to sing to their superhero names. lol  We did sing to each one this year per their request.  But we sang to Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman, and Superman instead of Elizabeth, Cameron, Matthew and Zachary!  It still makes me giggle thinking about it.  We definitely took the superhero theme to the extreme!

The kids made out with some great gifts!  We were so blessed to have so many family and friends there to help celebrate! Thank you to all of you who helped us celebrate whether it was in person or spirit.   Hard to believe they are four years old, they have come so far from the itty bitty babies in the NICU!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth, Cameron, Matthew, and Zachary I am so honored and proud to be your mom!



  1. Sarah

    We had such a good time. Thanks for inviting us!

  2. Dawn McCleery

    Oh Stephanie! They are so adorable! Fun times!

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