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Apr 19 2013

Spring Consignment Sale Is Here!

It seems like April has been a very busy month, between birthdays, the NICU reunion and the consignment sale I feel like I have been going non stop.  Tonight is the start of Northland Mothers of Multiples Spring Sale.  This is the second sale I have worked as well as sold.  I am excited to see stuff go and make room for all the stuff the received for their birthday!  I am also a little sad to see so much of the baby stuff go.  I put our strollers, baby and toddler toys, and a few other little kid items.  I still have so much, but the little stuff (newborn clothes) is so much harder to part with than the big kid items (2T).

I still had a van full of stuff to take, even though I was not really suppose to be tagging.  I am still in therapy for my right arm and tagging flares up all the pain…but it had to get done.


 In all I had 2 over flowing bins of clothes, a huge bin of toys, box full of puzzles, 2 strollers, 4 trikes, and a few other items.  I hope it all goes…I really do not want to take it back home!



If you are local and can come by and check it out, I will be working all weekend and would love to see you!  There was so much great stuff there already when I dropped off my stuff last night and there was still drop off all day today!





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  1. Nadine

    I would save some of the baby clothes. I too have a hard time parting with them. I have a few bins of clothes that I am saving for my twin-girls and then some that will go to my brothers when they have kids. I used to love putting my dolls in my baby clothes so I feel my daughters may like to do the same thing with theirs. :)

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