The McCleary Quadruplets

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Apr 14 2013

Easter Egg Hunt at Church

Two weeks ago the kids got to go to an Easter Egg hunt at church. The weather didn’t permit having one outside, so the church had it inside. They separated us up by families and we got to go to rooms that had eggs. The room we went it, there was eggs all over the floor tables, chairs, etc.

Everyone had to line up in box marked by tape and had to wait until they were told to begin. The little ones got a jump start first, not like they needed one. So our kids were off to gathering eggs in their baskets. Not one of them were just picking up everyone they could find, they were all pretty selective in which ones they chose to put in their basket. Elizabeth only wanted the pink Easter eggs, so she went around and started picking up only the ones that were pink. Zachary started looking for all the purple eggs. Matthew went around picking up eggs and shaking them to see what was in them, one he picked up and shook it and came running over and said… “money!!!”. Cameron was going after all the big eggs, the ones that had Snickers on them. Soon all there baskets were full and overflowing.  There were still eggs to be picked up off the floor so they had to go get bags to use to get more eggs.


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