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Apr 26 2013 Review and Giveaway


As many of you know our kids have known about for quite awhile.  It is evident in the video of Elizabeth sitting at the dinner table saying it over and over again.  It, of course, came from them seeing the commercial.  From what I had seen on TV it looked like it could be a great website for children that was academically based.

I was so thrilled when we were contacted to do a review of as well as host a giveaway for a free one year subscription!  We have been utilizing it for a little over 2 weeks now and the kids absolutely love it!  As a mom I think it is a great tool for my children and as a teacher I love how developmentally appropriate the lessons are for the children  at each age.  Every aspect contains some kind of learning.  It does not matter if they are in My Learning Path, the Classroom, shopping for their virtual room, or taking care of their virtual pets, they are still learning something.  The kids love that they earn tickets after each activity that they can use to shop with in shopping areas.

The typical family account is for 3 children, so we emailed and they added 2 additional children to our account!  It was great that they were very understanding to the fact we have four children and each need their own profile!  Before that we were running 2 different accounts and that did make changing users a little lengthy, but not to bad.  So now we have one account with a parent profile and 5 kid profiles available.

It is based for toddler to K and we have the kids utilizing the Level 3, which is for pre-K (4+).  They each are getting 15 minutes a piece to complete as many activities as they like.  It is great that we are able to utilize this as such an individual activity.  We set a timer (I just found one on the actual site, but have not utilized it yet) and when the timer goes off it is the next ones turn.  We are trying to give them time each day, but some days we are so busy it does not always happen.

I have also been able to utilize this in my classroom!  We have a few websites we were already using as well as a Hatch system, but my pre-k kids have been choosing ABCMouse since I introduced it!  I run it on my smart board and it use to be a hit or miss center.  Now it is used every day and they have to take turns, it is that popular.  They love all the games and it has been great for reinforcing what I have been teaching in class!

The kids's Avatars

The kids’s Avatars. All with their favorite Colors


The Giveaway

  • Eligibility: Open to all Residents in the USA.
  • Prize: Coupon Code for a Free 1 year Subscription to a $79.00 value
  • How to enter:
    • 1. Just use the Giveaway Tool below to enter.





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  1. Lisa Sparks

    I have twins who see the commercials and ask for this all the time. They would love this!

    1. Randy McCleary

      Our kids were the same way, and now they get to play on it and are learning quite a bit. Just amazes us of how much they learn and how so quickly.

  2. Christina Taylor

    This looks like it would be amazing for my son. He is about to turn 3, and he really wants to learn.

  3. Capri + 3--Theresa

    ABC Mouse has looked like a great program from the commercials. It is great to hear from another family with multiples that the children enjoy it and it is educational. We would love to try it too!

    1. Randy McCleary

      Theresa… It really is a pretty good program, we are just glad we were able to add 4 kids. Because when we were setting it up it only allow and said only 3 kids per account. So we had to get back with our sponsors, because we had one unhappy child that didn’t get his own account. We were hoping families with 4 or more kids didn’t have to create 2 accounts an pay for 2 subscriptions. Our sponsor in the mean time gave us a second account until they were able to get it worked out so we could have one account.

  4. Sarah

    My kids would LOVE it. I think we’d have a sharing problem. Andy thinks all electronics are his and his alone!

    1. Randy McCleary

      Yeah all of our kids likes to take mommies electronics, phone, tablet, and now laptop. They don’t try and take daddy’s though.

  5. Rebecca @ A Beautiful Ruckus

    I’ve been watching for this giveaway since you told me about it. We would love to have this at our house!

  6. Karen

    We tried the trial version of it, but had to let it go because of the expense. Thanks for the shot at winning a membership to it.

    1. Randy McCleary

      Yes, it’s pretty expensive. And at first we thought we would have to buy 2 subscriptions because we had more than 3 kids. But they were able to update our profile and allow us to add all of our kids to on account which was nice.

  7. Sue Ellison

    My son begs for this each time he sees the commercials, thanks for the chance!

  8. denise smith

    never tried this yet my daughter would like this as much as i will im sure

  9. Stephanie Larison

    So glad I entered this! We signed up for the free month trial last night for my daughter. And I couldn’t get her off of the computer for 3 hours straight. I liked the different games and settings they have available. My daughter is already in love with this.

  10. takisha a.

    my daughter would so like this as a sweet surprise.

  11. carla g

    This would be great for my boys!

  12. Anne

    Stay away from Very dishonest website. Even when you cancel your free trial period they continue billing you and refuse to refund any money. Very poor customer service that keeps lying over and over again. How can we trust them with our kids? Do a search online before you sign up and you will find many other complains like this.

  13. Nusuno Karya

    My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was
    totally right. This post actually made my day.

    You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information!

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