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Apr 17 2013

A Mother’s Day Gift Idea – ACTZ Cosmetics Giveaway

Awhile back ACTZ Cosmetics contacted us first of all saying that their entire office had fallen in love with our blog and also wanted to send us some of their bath products to try out. After checking out their website and seeing what they had to offer, I was a little  excited about trying out their all natural products.  So they shipped out their blogger box for us to sample.

When it arrived the aroma alone was enticing to not only my nose but the kids’ noses as well.  It was like a early birthday present with all the fun stuff inside our package.  The kids wanted to smell each item.  It was cute how after each one they said, “Delicious!”  Most of items had a pineapple scent and smelled so appealing. But one can not review a product on smell alone.  This gave me an excuse for a long luxurious bath.  By now I bet you know how busy our life is and how a long bath is a commodity in our house.  So this was a real treat. ;)

Products they sent and my thoughts:

Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub – I love the crazy pineapple scent I received.  It smells wonderful and my skin was so much smoother afterwards. 

Cupcake Soap – The blogger box contained Pineapple Candy Cupcake.  It almost looked good enough to eat and smelled even better.  It was absolutely the most adorable and fun soap I have seen!  It definitely helped me have a silky finish to my skin.

Avocado & Shea Butter Body Cream – I absolutely the how it made my skin feel!  It was a very soft and rich lotion that was easily absorbed by my skin and did not leave a greasy feel to my skin.  I smelled like pineapple for hours!  Going to be ordering more of this very soon!!!

Naked Face Polish Scrub – This was the only product that did not have a yummy smell.  Of course that is probably a good thing since it was on my face.  It helped to remove my dead skin and  I could visibly see overall better skin…less red spots and even acne scares less noticeable.

Scent Card – In pineapple that you can place anywhere and smell anytime you are near.  It has my whole bedroom smelling yummy!

I absolutely loved everything I tried!  The kids tried the cupcake soap and were sold. ;)  They have some fun kids soaps I am sure I will be ordering as well as some more of the items I have almost used up.  Bonus is that these products contain no parabens or hardeners.  They also are phthalate and nitro musk free.  They also are supporters of Autism Speaks a cause that is close to my heart.  If you get a chance I highly recommend checking out their site and seeing all they have to offer.

Prize - Cocoa Butter Pack - a $50 value

Giveaway Prize – Cocoa Butter Pack – a $50 value

The Giveaway

  • Eligibility: Open to all USA consumers that are not soap makers within the “ACTZ Cosmetics” industry.
  • Prize: Cocoa Butter Pack and estimated $50 value, pictured above
  • How to enter:
    • 1. Just place a comment on this blog why you would like to win this, whether its for you or someone you know that would truly make their day receiving this gift.
    • 2. Then just enter your name and email address in the Giveaway Tools widget below.
    • 3. Next Complete the mandatory entry by entering the name you left a comment as.
    • 4. Then you may complete any of the other optional entries that you wish to.

Also, we’ve been given a store wide 50% off coupon code for all of our readers to enjoy. Just go to and enter SpringClean in the coupon box when you check out. Coupon code is good til 04/22/13.  So don’t wait around to place your order. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, this would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift.




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  1. John S

    I would love to surprise my wife with this as a gift!

  2. Danae

    It sound like a fun item to try and I heard it smells good.

  3. Jennie

    I love products and Stephanie’s endorsement piqued my interest in ACTZ Cosmetics! Would love to try them.

  4. nicole newby

    I love beauty products! And I would love to try different scrubs.

  5. nancy p

    Cocoa Butter has been around for a long time. It is great for dry skin and does not leave a residue on your skin

  6. Michelle Koerner

    I would like to win this as a present for my mom.

  7. Tracy L Davis

    I woule like to win this because I love the products

  8. Rebecca @ A Beautiful Ruckus

    It looks like they have a great collection of scents! I’d love to win this!

  9. lalaine hagler

    because the products are so nice

  10. Darlene Jones-Nelson

    I would love to win this to send to my mom for mothers day. She would love it.

  11. deana c

    I would like to win this because I want my skin silky smooth.

  12. Jessica Libby

    this is something my mom would really love

  13. Christina C

    I would win this for my mom, because she needs some pampering.

  14. Amber

    As a fellow quad mama, I have very little time to shop around for amazing mother’s day gifts and this one looks like a winner! Winning a great mothers’ day gift to give would be great!

  15. Elisebet F

    I’d like to win, because I need some pampering! Really, I do!

  16. Julie Murphy

    Because i LOVE scrubs

  17. Cheryl

    I just really want to try it.

  18. Amy Martin

    I’m interested to do the things with it described in the description – the sugar balls and all, deep exfoliation

  19. Susan Christy

    I would like to win this for my friend Cindi who invites me to her Sunday dinner every week.

  20. ferriz

    my skin is rough and i love cocoa butter.

    dani marie

  21. Jayden H.

    I love trying new beauty products and cocoa butter products are always so nice to my skin!

  22. takisha a.

    i would like to win this to give as a gift for mother’s day

  23. Christina Taylor

    It would be a nice change to get something just for me!

  24. Laurie Emerson

    I would love to win this as I love the description of the scents and it would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

  25. Karrie Millheim

    I love the smell and feel of cocoa to pamper myself with this

  26. Lesley F

    Would love to win for my sister who is going through a hard time right now

  27. Gaye M

    I love indulging myself with marvelous bathing products and scents!

  28. Samii Meyer

    I love trying new beauty products!

  29. laurie

    i like try new products

  30. Georgia Beckman

    I would love to win this to try on a couple of my granddaughters that have really bad eczema.

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