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Mar 15 2013

Quick Update on Matthew

We went back to the doctor this afternoon so they could recheck his finger again.  On Monday we were told it was a staph infection.  They did not like how it looked and talked about admitting him for IV antibiotics.  I told them that it did look better since Saturday.  They decided to recheck it today (Friday).

Today we saw our normal pediatrician.  He added another antibiotic and said if it got any worse over the weekend to take him to Children’s Mercy and he wants to see him again on Monday.  He noticed another pocket of infection forming. :(  So we are still keeping a close eye on his finger.  IMG_20130315_171555

I am kind of torn.  I am thankful that he is not being admitted, but also wondering that if he was and already given those IV meds if he would be better already.  He is still tender and it still does not look great but it is slowly improving.

As you can tell he is still his silly self.   IMG_20130315_171624

I would like to thank all of you who have been praying for our little man and also ask you to continue to pray for him.



  1. Nadine

    Hi. I am new to your blog. :) I hope his finger is starting to look better. Thinking positive thoughts.

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