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Mar 11 2013

2013 PackIt Personal Cooler Review and Giveaway

A few weeks back we were asked to review the 2013 PackIt Personal Cooler lunch box and host a giveaway.  As many of you know this will be our first giveaway!  I have reviewed a few products before but have not hosted a giveaway…so I am pretty excited, especially since I have fallen in love with this product! First, let me start with why I really wanted to review this product.  I had seen a few commercials for the PackIt lunch box and how it keeps food cold for up to 10 hours.  This was very appealing to me because I often take my lunch to school and in another year (yes, another year) my kids will be taking their lunch to school as well.  It is hard to believe they will be going to school and need lunch boxes!  I know how quickly food can spoil sitting in a lunchbox and food is not cheap.  So this concept caught my eye when I saw the commercial.  So when the request came in for us to review this product I was beyond excited! I know sometimes you see things on tv and then when you purchase them they do not live up to your expectations, The PackIt Personal Cooler however exceeded mine!  They have so many fun and colorful designs and we loved the one we were sent.   When it is folded it is no bigger than an ice pack so you do not need much room in the freezer for it.  You simply place it in the freezer for around 12 hours and it is ready to use.

We approve!

We approve!

(Elizabeth is holding it all folded up.  It was just taken out of the freezer.) I took it out to pack my lunch in the morning and it was ice cold inside.  I put in a drink, frozen gluten free bread, cheese, turkey, veggie chips, and applesauce.  When I went to eat my lunch 5 hours later my lunch was still in perfect condition.  The bread was even still frozen in section.  My drink was refreshingly cold and my applesauce was the perfect temperature.  My cheese was still a solid and not squishy!  I know many times in my old lunch bag my cheese would get a little warm and a little gooey.   I even stuck my hand in and it felt like I was reaching in to a freezer.  Lets just say everyone at my lunch table was pretty impressed.  LOL  I was the kid with cool lunch box! (Sorry could not help myself.)

Daddy I want one!

Daddy I want one!

My drink leaked in my bag.  It was red Crystal Light…so inadvertently the perfect test to see how easily I could clean it out.  Let me just say I was so happy, I was able to just wipe it clean!!!!   I did not finish my applesauce at lunch and took it home.  By the time I got home it had been 10 hours and it was still cold inside. I immediately text Randy and said we need to get four more so the kids can have them when they go to school.  I am not giving up mine now. ;)



So with all that said and a couple of pictures of my kiddos I am so excited that we are able to host a giveaway for one of you our readers to win this absolutely fabulous product.  You will the the envy of the lunch table with the PackIt! ;) Good Luck!



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  1. Donna Rector

    Chevron Pink

  2. Sean Ishum

    I would like a blue cooler

  3. Rebecca Ishum

    Viceroy Brown/Pink

  4. Capri + 3--Theresa

    I like the Viceroy black and white pattern. Though it was hard to choose… It is good to know that the drink spill was so easy to clean up.

  5. Shelby Baker

    Chevron Pink

  6. kyna

    I would like the wild print. I love your stories!

  7. Leslie Westling

    I like the viceroy pink & brown one.

  8. Leanne Wasleski

    Emma Pink please.

  9. Jessica Gwyn

    I love the “viceroy” color lunch box. It is super cute and could be used by me or my boys :)

  10. Jenna Burris

    i love chevron prints thanks!

  11. Melissa

    Love chevron pink

  12. Brianne Hillman

    Forget Me Not Dot

  13. Liana S.

    Chevron Pink!

  14. Megan Kennedy

    How cooL! I am always looking for a good solution to keeping lunch cold!

  15. Nicole Menefee

    I would like the solid Purple one.

  16. Brad David

    lightning green

  17. Sarah

    Pacific grey

  18. Heidi

    The personal cooler lunchbox in gidget!

  19. Cheryl

    Chevron Pink

  20. Sue Ellison

    Pacific Grey

  21. April M

    I like the pacific gray one

  22. Erika JM

    Boxy Blue

  23. Linda Kinsman

    Congrats on your first giveaway! I really like the Emma blue. Thanks for hosting.

  24. Tamar

    I like Traffic.

  25. Sheila

    I would love one in snake skin!

  26. Jessica To

    I liked the Plaid Black one.

  27. lisagee1234

    Zebra for me.

  28. Monique Rizzo

    Chevron Pink.
    Thanks for the chance.

  29. Monique Rizzo

    Thanks for the chance.

  30. Kathie Craig

    Traffic or Black

  31. Rachel

    Chevron pink is my favorite, I think. I will probably change my mind in ten minutes. They look pretty cool.

  32. mell

    I like Traffic

  33. Shelia S

    I’d choose the black, gray. or plaid since it would be for my husband.

  34. Katie Knoll


  35. Rachel G

    I’d choose the black plaid :)

  36. Connie Lee

    Solid black would be the one I picked

  37. Courtney Johnson

    IKAT Personal Cooler. The Blue, Pinks, and red are sooo cute!

  38. Jill H

    Forget Me Not Dot

  39. Madonna

    I like the triangle purple. And your children are adorable. I love those grins.

  40. Amy M

    Plain purple works for me!

  41. Sadie

    I would like the The Wild

  42. Sam Stamp

    Boxy Blue is definitely my favorite!

  43. Betty League

    I like the PACKiT lunch bag in Chevron Pink Personal Cooler or Pacific Grey colors.
    “Surprise Me” :)
    Yes! You are right – I couldn’t make up my mind. lol Good Contest & Reviews.

  44. Kimberly Hilbert

    Pacific Grey is one of the colors that I like.

  45. Melissa L

    Emma Pink!

  46. Lisa P.

    Emma Blue

  47. Marisa Johnson

    I would choose the Viceroy Black/White

  48. Laurie Emerson

    I would pick the Lightening Green.

  49. Vikki Billings

    I love the lightening green one!

  50. Sandy VanHoey

    I think I like the plain black

  51. Diane Cooper

    I would choose the solid navy.

  52. John Zukowski

    Just he basic blue

  53. Diana Hatch

    I like the black and white pattern

  54. domestic diva

    I like emma blue.

  55. Nancy

    I like the IKAT pattern.

  56. Teresa Thompson

    Polka Dots.

  57. Nadine

    perhaps lightning green is my favorite.

  58. Jennifer Clay

    First off, your children are super cute! I am loving their big smiles! If I won, I would like to get the Gidget

  59. Erinn S

    I like Emma Blue

  60. Holly S.

    I like either the Gidget or Poppy for my daughter. Thanks!

  61. susan smoaks

    i would like the forget me not dot

  62. Colleen Busch

    Love the Emma Blue.

  63. denise

    I like the plaid.

  64. Nikki Lynn Hanna

    I think my daughter would love the one with the owls on it

  65. Terri Menke

    I like the Plaid Black

  66. Emillie

    Viceroy-Grey & Aqua Personal Cooler

  67. Sue Hull

    I like the Aqua one.Thank you :)

  68. deanna

    fave: emma blue

  69. Suzie Williams

    I like the gidget pattern.

  70. Gina H.


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