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Mar 21 2013

Nature’s Dynamics Review & Giveaway!

Recently we received the opportunity to do a product review of Nature’s Dynamic Gummy Supplements and were sent 5 different bottles to try out for Mommy, Daddy, and the Kids. Below are the items we received to test out and we’re all very pleased of how they tested.

1 BodyBoost Men’s Energy and Wellness Multi Gummy
1 BodyBoost Women’s Energy and Wellness Multi Gummy
1 Omega-3 Gummy
1 ProBalanze
1 Berry Garden Kids Multi Gummy

Nature’s Dynamics is a family owned and operated company that develops 100% all natural whole food gummy supplements with organics for consumers. All of their products are GMP certified and produced in the United States. They believe vitamins, minerals and nutrients we consume should come from produce from the earth’s soil and not from manufactured synthetic supplements made in labs and factories.

One of my favorite things is that they are labeled with a gluten free label.  I have had to really search the vitamin shelves at the stores and question some of the brands because they are not clearly labeled gluten free.  I usually have to ask the pharmacist to double check.  These are labeled gluten free on the front so there is no question to whether I can have it or not.

Another part that I have really liked is the Omega 3 Gummy Vitamin.  It contains fish oil and I have taken fish oil before and know how awful they taste and the after taste is no better.  Plus many times you continue to belch up that fishy taste.  This vitamin however is much different.  It does not smell all that great and once you get past the initial flavor it tastes a little better.  The best part is that there is no after taste or belching up of the fishy taste.

berry_garden_btlBerry Garden Gummies

The kids’ all loved the Berry Garden Kids Multi Gummy, the first night they got to try them they all started singing the Gummy Bear song. It was quite funny, they were just excited the vitamins were gummy bears. We had recently switched their vitamins from gummies, to the hard Flintstones vitamins since they are soon to be 4-year olds. Also, because the recommended dose is 1 per day compared to 2 gummies. With having 4 kids all the same age some items gets very expensive.

So we are very excited that Nature’s Dynamic is allowing us to give away 5 Berry Garden Gummies to 5 lucky winners and for providing us with a 50% discount for all of our readers to use and take advantage of. Just go to their website at use code MEBLOG at the checkout to receive the discount.


To enter the giveaway input your email and name below and do as many entries as you wish. There will be 5 Random Winners chosen to receive 1 bottle of Berry Garden Kids Multi Gummies.




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  1. Lisa

    I would like a bottle of those gummies!!

  2. Sean Ishum

    what an exciting giveaway!

  3. Rebecca @ A Beautiful Ruckus

    I can’t get Ellie to take a hard Flinstone vitamin to save my life! Maybe she would go for the gummy ones? I would love to let my kids try these. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  4. Betty League

    I enjoyed reading your review on Nature’s Dynamic – 5 Berry Garden Gummies vitamins and the video. But what I like best is that these gummies are 100% all natural, gluten free supplements. I can’t say it any better than Nature’s Dynamics did – “nutrients we consume should come from produce from the earth’s soil and not from manufactured synthetic supplements made in labs and factories”. They won me as a customer just with that statement!! Thank you.

  5. elaina wright

    my little boy cannot stand the taste of vitamins and starts gagging if you try so maybe something like these gummies would help :)

  6. Capri + 3--Theresa

    Yummy tasting vitamins are a good thing with children. Berry garden gummies sound tasty and healthy.

  7. Gianna

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. christine

    Thanks for the Giveaway!

  9. Sus

    The sound like vitamins my little one would like.

  10. Christina Kelbel

    thanks so much for the opportunity to win

  11. Wehaf

    I wish these had been around when I was little.

  12. 1955nurse

    These sound wonderful – my Grands are very picky about their vitamins, & don’t like the ones that taste like vitamins! Love to give these a try, thanks for the chance….

  13. Laurie Emerson

    It would be so much easier to get my children to take vitamins if they tasted good. Thank you for the chance to win!

  14. Robert Pyszk

    I love the Gummy Bear song :D

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