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Mar 17 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Wednesday was daddy’s birthday and since I was on spring break we spent the morning baking treats for him.  We made cupcakes for him and his coworkers and took him lunch.  The kids were very excited to visit daddy at his work.

While his cupcakes were cooking we made daddy birthday cards.

Daddy requested Taco Bueno for lunch so we stopped there first and then headed over to celebrate his birthday with him at work.  Before he left for work the kids told him that they would see him at his party.  It was so cute that they thought that is was his party.

We enjoyed lunch and passing out cupcakes to everyone at daddy’s work.  It was so much fun to watch daddy take them around and pass out the cupcakes they helped make.  Everyone was very appreciative of the sweet treats and the kids were much more social then they had been in the past.  It made for a fun outing and a special way to celebrate daddy’s birthday!

We also took him out to dinner and the kids each wrapped his presents and helped him open them when he got home.



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  1. Sarah

    Happy Birthday! Looks like the kids had fun helping him celebrate.

  2. Capri + 3--Theresa

    Happy belated birthday to Daddy! That is so much fun that your children got to go to Daddy’s work. It must have been fun for him too. That is so great that they got to see everyone enjoying the cupcakes they helped to bake!

    1. Stephanie

      Yes they really enjoyed it! I hope I am on spring break on his birthday again next year so we can do it again. They do not get to go to daddy’s work often, but when we do it is a treat!

  3. Eve

    happy birthday! looks like you had a lot of fun!

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