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Mar 23 2013

4th Birthday Interview – Cameron

Time to find out what Cameron had to say when I interviewed him!
How old are you? um 3
What makes you happy? playing with Daddy and Mommy
What is your favorite color? Green
What do you sleep with in bed? baby and doggy and a football
What is your favorite animal? a zebra
What is your favorite toy? batman jail
What is your favorite thing to eat? um… breakfast
What is your least favorite thing to eat? mac and cheese
What is your favorite thing to do? I love to cook with daddy.
What is your favorite TV show? Mickey and Team Umizoomi
What is your favorite movie? Hop
What is your favorite song? The Gummy Bear Song
What is your favorite game? Hungry Hungry Hippos
What is your favorite thing to do with mommy? play toys
What is your favorite thing to do with daddy? Pop bubbles
What is the best thing about your super mom? that she plays with me
What is the best thing about your super dad? that he wrestles with me
What is the best part of being a quadruplet? Playing superheros
What is your favorite part of school? Playing on the playground
What is your favorite book? Mickey mouse
What do you want to be when you grow up? Batman
Cameron 4 years

Cameron 4 years

As I am sure you figured out Cameron loves Batman and Mickey Mouse.  He is has definitely changed over the past few years.  He used to be are cuddle bug and he still does that, but he loves to be ornery and pull pranks!  He keeps us on our toes!


  1. Capri + 3--Theresa

    I have not heard the Gummy Bear Song…but now I’m curious. I love your birthday interviews and plan to use them later on with our little ones : 0 ).

    1. Randy McCleary

      Theresa, the Gummy Bear song was the youtube video we had embedded on the gummy vitamins post. Here’s the link again

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