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Feb 18 2013

You have to be flexible

Today we had planned on going to the library and checking out some books.  Of course I did not think they would be closed on President’s day.  I guess I should have checked.  We pulled up to the library and saw it was closed and the kids were devastated.  All I hear from the back of the van is crying and “I want to go to the library!”  So we made a split decision to try the park down the road.  AKA The train park as the kids call it.  Of course we get there and the winds begin to pickup from the rain that was moving in.  So we had to pack up and we then headed to the indoor play place at Zona Rosa.

It has been quite awhile since we have been there.  The last time the kids would not stay in the play area.  In the van I explained to them that I expected that they stay in the play area and to watch out for the other kids.  They actually did great this time and had a blast climbing, playing and sliding.  I took a few pictures and by the time we made it home they were definitely worn out!  They were not my sweet children from the time we got home till nap time.

I enjoyed the extra day at home with my kiddos today, even if our plans were altered.  (and even if they lost their marbles for a few hours.)

I took a picture that reminded me of one I took a few years back, so I had a little fun comparing the two of them…and thought you might like to compare them as well.






  1. Lee Plaza

    Your children are beautiful. Its always sad to disappoint your children but im glad that it worked out for you

  2. Sarah

    With all the wear and tear these kids put on our bodies (both before and after birth) Moms are amazingly flexible.

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