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Feb 21 2013

Snow Day Part 1

Of course by now many of you know today the Midwest is being hammered by a snow storm.  So much that school was called off the last night before it even started to snow.  When I got up this morning it had just started to fall.  I have been trying to take pictures every so often…it is falling at a rate of about 3 inches an hour.  The report from the airport around 11am was 7 inches already.  We are just 15 minutes south of KCI.  We have not seen a single plow at this point and the few vehicles we have seen are struggling to get down the road.

We are enjoying some family time and watching the snow.  It is amazing all the places that are closing around here, but we do not plan on heading out so that is just fine.  Mommy and daddy are home today with the munchkins today and we shall see about tomorrow.  We hope to take the kids out later if it calms down, but for now we are staying in and keeping warm!  Here are just a few photos of our morning.

I am will post pictures later with all the snow we end up with, plus what we occupy our day with and if we go outside.  I hope you are all home safe and warm today!



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