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Feb 08 2013

Our new additions

The kids have been begging us for quite some time for a pet.  So before Christmas we gave in and started setting up a fish tank.  The kids were beyond thrilled.  We started off with four fish and then added more.  The new batch infected the tank with ick and we eventually lost all the fish.  We now have been through a second round and even some of those have not made it.  The kids have been pretty good about the whole thing.  They each named their own fish as well.

Elizabeth named her fish Aurora after princess Aurora and then for awhile we had Belle.

Cameron named his Topey (their made up work) and his second one is Batman.

Matthew named his Diego and then we added Nemo.

Zachary of course named his Lightening McQueen and then Mater joined the tank.

We have have stuck pretty much Mollies and we have tried Guppies, neon tetra, shrimp, and an underwater frog.  They have loved every kind, but the Neons are what infested the tank with ick, and most the Guppies have passed except for one.  The shrimp were very cool, but did not make it either.  We have had 2 frogs and absolutely love them, but they have both died as well.

We have been pretty consistent with checking the water, replacing water and treating when needed.

So I am not sure if we are just not lucky with aquatic life or just certain creatures.  But the kids absolutely love having their own pets, so we will keep at it.

Here are a few pictures from when the kids helped setup the fish tank.

Here is a picture of our first batch of fish and the surprises we found in the tank 2 days after we bought them and were told they were all males.



The kids have asked for tons of different kinds of pets, but I think fish were a great one to start with for us.



  1. Sarah

    I’m sorry you’ve having such bad luck. Elizabeth seems so excited about the frog at the birthday party.

  2. Anna smith

    So Im not the only one with bad luck with pets. im in shock. its good to hear that your kids are taking the situation good. Fish are a great pet for kids because they dont come with as many responsibilities as one would have with a dog or cat.

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