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Jan 25 2013

The Latest Injury

As I am sure you can imagine that we are no stranger to bumps and bruises with four little ones, especially with 3 of the four being boys.  It is pretty much a daily occurrence in our house.  Wednesday night was not exception except for the fact it was a little more serious.  I am not sure I have seen one of my children bleed so much before this incident.

We were at church at the kids were playing in the gym.  I am the teacher in their class and was with them when it happened.  I was talking with Zachary when I hear Elizabeth screaming bloody murder.  I look over and she is holding her mouth and is screaming.  I get closer and see her mouth gushing with blood.  I sweep her up and Ms Michelle ran to get stuff to help clean her up.  Randy came over to help hold her while I started to clean her up and hold the ice pack on her mouth.  Between Ms. Michelle, Randy, and I we got her cleaned up and calmed down.

Once the blood was all cleaned up we were able to see that she ripped the skin that is attached from the top of her gums in the front to her lip.  (I had the same thing as a child and had to have it laser-ed out because it caused a gap in my front teeth.)  Her lip was so swollen and she was in a lot of pain.  Her teeth were fine, so unless she does not heal or it gets infected I think she avoided a trip to the doctor over it.

As a teacher I have seen lots of stuff and I know that head and mouth wounds bleed a lot, but it is totally different when it is your child!

The morning after

The morning after


Still looks awful!

Still looks awful!


She tried to smile for me, but it hurt. :(

She tried to smile for me, but it hurt. :(

At this point she is still a little sore and very red at the tear sight.  She is still a little swollen as well.  Hopefully we can avoid anymore major injuries for awhile.



  1. Charlie Hendricks

    We just had our first call to the Poison Control Center. 4 year old broke into the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom and tried to whiten the 2 year old’s teeth. Scarey but all’s well. You guys must call twice a week with all those little ones.

  2. kc @ genxfinance

    At least she’s smiling now. Poor thing. Yeah, they’ll probably behave a little for a while. :)

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