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Jan 31 2013

How do you spell ___?

Over the past few weeks our kids have become increasing interested in words and how they are formed.  They are continually asking how to spell words and “What does ___ spell?” Matthew can spell his name aloud without any help, which shocked both Randy and I the first time we heard him do it.  Elizabeth gets to z and then needs help.  Cameron and Zachary know the first letter and then want help.

Elizabeth is writing words both by copying them and us spelling them aloud for her.  Matthew writes most of his letters in his name, they are just all over the paper.  Cameron loves tracing letters, especially when they are names.  Zachary will trace letters, but has to be in the mood, but loves to write the letter o.

Matthew traced his name then tried to write it on his own.

Matthew traced his name then tried to write it on his own.

Cameron wanted to trace everyone's names.

Cameron wanted to trace everyone’s names.

I spelled it aloud and Elizabeth wrote it.

I spelled it aloud and Elizabeth wrote it.

Elizabeth wrote this all by herself

Elizabeth wrote this all by herself

Zachary wrote lots of O's

Zachary wrote lots of O’s

It is great that they are so into letters and the formation of words so early!  I am really amazed by this interest and want to encourage it.   So the educator in me decided I need to extend that interest and scaffold them to the next level in their learning., so we started a new project at our house.  We have created a word wall in our dinning room.  The kids helped me come up with the words and we started putting it together.  We are adding to it as we go and have more words that they want to spell.  I wrote several words and drew pictures for the ones I could and they absolutely love it!



Now they go around saying “Mommy I can spell your name…m_o_m, mom.”  It is so fun to see them feel that accomplishment and even show the beginning stages of reading!  If they keep this up I will have four readers before kindergarten!



  1. Capri + 3--Theresa

    I love the word wall in your dining room! That is such a fun idea. The pictures of the writing practice made me smile. So sweet. That is very exciting that they are all so excited about learning to spell and write.

  2. Lisa

    That is really neat and I bet the kids really love the word wall. I am going to try and set one up for my kids, thanks for idea.

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