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Jan 27 2013

Four Years Ago Today

It is hard to believe that it was four years ago tonight that I was admitted to KU Medical Center at just shy of 20 weeks.  I had finished work up the Friday before and had a shower at church that weekend.  Monday I was home trying to rest as best as I could being that I was getting pretty big.  Tuesday Gege and Dani came over to help organize the house while I laid in bed.  I was not to be cleaning and all that stuff , my job was just to gestate our four little babies.

I can still remember feeling fine all day.  Cheryl and Dani left around 3 and about 4:30 I began having sharp pain in lower right side.  So I called Randy.  It subsided but he insisted on taking me in to the ER at KU.  Boy was I so glad he did.  The week prior my cervix was thinning but not dialited, but when I was examined that night I was dialeted and Elizabeth’s sac was funneling down.  I was told I was not leaving the hospital until they came.  Dr. Wiener came in and told me he was not sure if we could get them far enough a long with this new development.  It was a very emotional night.


Church shower 1.25.09

We were given the option to have a cerclage placed and we did so the next day.  At that point our goal was to make it to 24 weeks, then to 28 and then a week at a time after that.  In my head taking it four weeks at a time helped me focus on our goal without it being overwhelming.  I can not believe that we have come from the struggle of just trying to get the kids far enough  a long to have a fighting chance to almost having 4 year olds!

This was taken at the church shower on Saturday before I was admitted.


Cake from the church shower.


Cake from my school shower.


Gifts from the school shower.

I did not come across a picture of gifts from the church shower, but I recall tons of diapers!

I hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane with me.  I started blogging after the kids were older, always planned on starting while I was pregnant, but never got to it.  So I will try to post some of the stories and photos I have leading up to their birth in the next couple of months.  I always become reminiscent around their birthday as it is, so this would be a great way for me to do that and share them with you as well.


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