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Jan 23 2013

Dare I say it? You are grounded!

Yes we have progressed in our discipline techniques in the McCleary household.  Over the last few days I have come to the realization that timeout was not working for all of our discipline needs.  It still works for those items that they need to be taken out of a situation for a few moments and need to think about what they have done.  But in situations like yesterday timeout was just not going to cut it.

The kids have been pushing their limits in some areas, I think partly because we have been giving them more freedom around the house.  Their toys are now for the most part in their rooms and the playroom in the basement.  This is a pretty big change from everything upstairs was in the living room.

I am sure you are wondering what happened yesterday that needed more than timeout.  Well it started Monday when I had the day off.  They were pushing their limits in several areas.  First the arguing, then Zachary was standing on top of his dresser.  Next they trashed their rooms and then refused to eat lunch without a battle of wills.  Then the boys did not take naps.  I do realize that some kids at their age are giving those up, but our kids need their naps!  Without them they are so cranky and irritable.  Anyways I talked with them and explained that if they behaved that way with Nana the next day or made more poor choices that there would be consequences.  These could include no Leappads, no tv, and grounded from their rooms.  Which I had to explain they would not be allowed in their room for the evening.

So with all that said when I came home Tuesday I found out that it had been a rough day for the boys.  Everyone had problems cleaning their rooms, but the boys were climbing on furniture and did not take naps again.  So I stuck to my word and they lost things accordingly.   The boys lost their leappads for the night and everyone was grounded from their rooms.

Needless to say they were not happy with me!  But I explained that if they had a better day tomorrow they would have everything back.  I also said that if the same things happened again the restrictions would be worse.  With that said I was pleased to have a great report when I came home.  Each one of them told me about how they did what they were suppose to do.  Elizabeth told me she cleaned her room.  Matthew said he stayed off the furniture.  Zachary told me he took a nap.  Cameron said that he did not take a nap but tried to and that he rested and ate his lunch.  So “grounding” worked.  The kids know that mommy means business!



This was before mommy laid down the law. ;)

Happy Wednesday!


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