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Jan 26 2013

Blooming Photographers

I am sure many of you are aware that Santa brought our kiddos LeapPad2s for Christmas.  Yes, I know I am still behind on posting all the holiday pictures.  I promise I will get to them soon!  Anyways, I have found it very amusing the photos the kids have been taking or creating on their new gizmos.  Some of them are way cool, others are very interesting.  So I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite finds.

We are getting a view of the world through 4 three year olds…should be very interesting!

I am sure that at least one of those made you smile!  Some of them are pretty interesting.  I love how creative they got with some of the photos.  I found that all of them took tons of pictures of themselves and each other.  As well as many of us and their toys.  I am sure I will find some more to share soon!



  1. Amber

    Too cute! They already mastered taking snapshots of themselves I see.

    1. Stephanie

      I know…and some of them were actually good shots. I bet they will be better photographers than I at this rate.

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