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Jan 30 2013

Being cute can be helpful!

This past weekend we went out to dinner at Wendy’s.  It had been awhile since we ate at the one in North Kansas City and although they were not busy, we still had lots of looks, smiles, and comments.  Staff from the back even came out to see them and ask questions.  The kids will be 4 in about 2 months and still draw quite a bit of attention!

Anyways the kids wanted ice cream.  They of course saw it on the order boards and kept talking asking about it.  I told them I was not sure we had the money.  Our conversation became pretty funny at that point.  Elizabeth stated that they had money at home in their piggy banks.  I of course agreed but told her that would not be helpful right now.  Matthew and Cameron started pretending to pull money out of their pocket and pooling it together.  It was very cute.  Matthew said here is our money.  Randy and I laughed along with the lady at the next table.  I told Matthew that he should go up and smile and bat it eyes and ask for it.  Of course I was joking, but that little turkey started to get out of his seat and do it!  Then he looks up at the counter and said awe man, she is not there.

So he got back in his seat and the conversation ceased and we finished up our dinner.  Then a few minutes later the lady that rang our order up brought out a frosty for each of them. IMG_20130126_194646

I am sure she heard our conversation.  I told her she did not have to do that.  She preceded to tell me that they were just too cute and she just had to did it.  We then had a little chat and found out she was expecting twins.  So of course I did not miss a chance to tell her about NMOM!  She was grateful for all the information and the kids were grateful for their ice cream!  Apparently being cute is very helpful when you want ice cream. lol

I took a couple pictures of Cameron and Zachary hamming it up while Elizabeth and Matthew were in the bathroom.




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