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Dec 05 2012

Update on mommy

The surgery went well.  The surgeon briefly talked to Randy about it right afterwards.  They were able to get my entire gallbladder our via laparoscopy.  I am still in quite a bit of pain from the actual surgery, but it is not the same pain I was having before they took my gallbladder. The pain was getting much more severe the closer we got to surgery.  It began radiating to my back and was reminding me of my painful back labor I had with the kids.  Morphine was not even help it towards the end.  It was awful, some of the worst pain I have ever experienced…right up with with some of my labor pain.

At this point I have one incision that hurts non stop and the other 3 only hurt when I move.  They are aiming send me home today but no clue when that will be.  I will let you all know if I go home today.

I am so thankful that I had my lovely for some company last night.  Of course I heard all the nurses mention that here come the quads!  They were looking forward to seeing them.  It made my whole day seem better just to see and cuddle with my children.  Nana and Randy talked with them during the day that I was sick and at the hospital.  Of course Elizabeth put together the fact the last person that was sick and at the hospital was Great Grandpa Tom.  She actually asked daddy if I was in heaven with Grandpa Tom.  It broke my heart to hear that.  I also heard she was pretty upset about me being here as well.  The boys did tell her that mommy was just at the hospital.  Once she saw me here it looked like see might cry.  Then she warmed up and was in a better mood.  It is hard to see this be emotional for my babies.  Matthew did not want to leave my side, he cuddle with me in bed for quite awhile.  They each had to take a turn to sit in my lap. Randy set them on my knee and they had to stay leaning forward and not lean back.  I told them I maybe home tomorrow and they all were looking forward to that.  I did tell them that is only if the doctor says I can home.

Here are my monkeys who over took my room. :)



  1. Susie

    Love the pictures of your kids in the hospital. Is that what I think is going on in that one picture? Are they using teamwork to reach the light switches? LOL That one is just too funny.

    Looks like they stole your bed in those last few pictures.

    1. Stephanie

      It was they were trying to help each other reach the lights. It was so funny! I kept trying not to laugh because it hurt to laugh…but it was just to funny. They definitely brightened my day up. :)

  2. Capri + 3--Theresa

    The pictures of your children are adorable. No wonder the nurses were charmed. It must have brightened their day to see them coming to visit. It must have been wrenching to hear of Elizabeth’s question about whether you were in Heaven. It was for me just reading it. I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope your pain quickly disappears.

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