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Dec 19 2012

Preschool end of Semester

So last Friday was the last day of preschool of the semester for the kids. The kids had a blast their first semester of preschool. They got do a lot of crafts, drawings, and made ornaments for the Christmas tree.  We had to use one of Mommy’s Avon boxes to put all their stuff in, when they got home from preschool. The kids called it their preschool box, with having quadruplets the refrigerator isn’t big enough to display all of their pictures, drawings they do. Matthew always wanted to hang his stuff right above his bed and the bedroom.

Their preschool was only 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), and they looked forward to it everyday. Zachary was the only one that got to go every day, Elizabeth and Cameron missed 1 day and Matthew missed 2 days due to being sick. They mornings always began with trying to get everyone dressed and ready for school and getting Mommy to work on time.  Two weeks ago, when Mommy was in this hospital it was up daddy getting everyone up and ready for preschool. Dressing the boys was pretty easy, Elizabeth on the other hand wanted to go pick her clothes out. So we went to her room and I was like,  “what do you want to wear? And she responded with, “pants” and preceded to pick out a pink pair. I was like, “umm I dunno if can match a top with those, lets pick these instead.”  Elizabeth then says, “Yeah, mommy is the only one that knows how to match things.”  I just had to laugh.

On the way home last Friday the kids were super ornery, they were all wound up and singing Christmas songs on the way home. Of course, they were all singing different songs… Then, Elizabeth starts talking about what Santa Claus is gonna bring her for Christmas. She was like, “Daddy… the princess dollhouse I want is $55, does Santa Claus have that much money?” I respond, umm i dunno. Then Elizabeth continues on… “If Santa Claus has it then i’ll get it right?”  I respond, you’ll have to ask Santa and also be on the Nice list.

Shortly after that we hit a stop light and had to stop. Cameron says, “Daddy why we stopping?” I respond, the light is Red so we have to stop. Then out of know where Elizabeth says, “Man we are never gonna get home now”…  lol  I just started laughing.


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