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Dec 02 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

As I mentioned in a previous post we always decorate our tree the day after Thanksgiving.  This year was no different and the kids were beside themselves the whole time.  They all started singing oh Christmas Tree while they were watching daddy put the tree together.  Of course the only words they knew were Oh Christmas Tree and they sang that line about 20 times.

We knew that we had some strands out on our pre lit tree so we set it up Thursday evening in hopes we could fix that for decorating it in the morning.  Lets just leave it at we replaced over 200 dead lights and still have 2 sections out on the tree!  When and if we ever replace our tree, it will not be a pre lit tree.  It is so much easier to plug a strand in that is not on a tree and go light by light.   I will move on because I am sure this is not what you want to read about. ;)

Friday morning we pulled out all our Christmas boxes and lets just say I have a lot!  The kids we so excited and were ready to go at 6:30, but I told them they had to wait for daddy.  So once he got up and we ate breakfast we began opening boxes and deciding which ornaments to hang on the tree.  It was a riot to watch them to bring out ones they remembered from last year.  They asked me where a lot of them came from.  So I had to explain that they were mine when I was little or that Grandpa Tom made them or we bought them for them.

Where did we get this one?


What else is in here?


Let’s make this tree beautiful!




This is the perfect spot.

It was comical to see the finish product once the kids were done.

I explained that we needed to spread the ornaments out and try and put ornaments all over the tree. :)

Hmm Where should I put this one?


Love it!


Tree decorating by four 3 year olds!


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